Costly Mistakes to Avoid When Shopping for Outdoor Furniture

Big Box & Department Stores

Many retailers change their product assortments with the seasons. You can find inexpensive outdoor furniture at the same store where you shop for home improvement supplies for your projects. Beware: The outdoor furniture these retailers sell is made to hit low prices and work in average climates. It isn’t built for durability and longevity in extreme conditions experienced in the Southwest. Paddy O’ Furniture is built to withstand the hot sun, monsoons, and anything Mother Nature can throw at you.

Natural Wood furniture

Wood can look beautiful in the showroom when its new, but it needs to be refinished or painted frequently. Even with proper surface treatments, wood will split, crack, splinter, and rot. Choose a long-lasting wood alternative, like Paddy O’s Bliss EcoLumber, Aluminum, or Worry-Free Wicker, all developed to withstand the baking sun and extreme climatic conditions.

Iron frame furniture

Iron and steel are often made using hollow tubes that rust from the inside out. This leads to constant deterioration and leaves rust rings on your patio, ceramic tile, or travertine. There is only one way to prevent iron from rusting except for regular treatment and painting, which is impossible to do to the inside of the tube frames.

Patio Furniture resellers

Most outdoor furniture is developed for average climates and is sold across the United States by stores specializing in outdoor furniture. The problem is that a reseller in Arizona sells a product that a company in Wisconsin or New Jersey may have developed and manufactured. Resellers do not have control over what their suppliers choose to offer. They often will change components and cushion sizes from year to year. Paddy O’ Furniture is a direct-to-consumer manufacturer that has done extensive research and development to ensure we offer the best, longest-lasting materials. We build products that will exceed your expectations for years since we control all supply chain stages, including design, manufacturing, sales, and fulfillment. Our vertical integration ensures we will have a perfect replacement for those cushions that wear out and have reached the end of their usable life.

Not Planning

Lack of preparation before the patio furniture shopping journey can lead to costly consequences. A common mistake is not gathering essential details such as measurements, photos, and plans for the outdoor space beforehand. This oversight can easily result in selections different from the correct size or style for the area, creating an area lacking cohesion. Also, remember how you will use this space for many years rather than planning your space around one event. Adequate planning requires thoughtful consideration of how each item will fit within the dimensions of your space, complement the existing design and aesthetic, and meet the needs for comfort and functionality. Consider your “why” when designing your outdoor space. Planning will ensure you create an inviting outdoor space that enriches your home and lifestyle.

Not Getting an In-Yard Consultation

Shopping for patio furniture can often feel overwhelming, especially with the variety of choices and considerations that come into play. That is why we offer free design consultations at Paddy O' Furniture to help you make difficult decisions. This service is provided for those looking to transform their outdoor space but may need help knowing where to start and how to bring their vision to life. At your design consultation, you can tap into the expertise of our Exterior Design Guides. If you opt for an at-home design consultation, an Exterior Design Guide will come to your home to take measurements and go over the spaces you want to transform. Together, you will select pieces and styles that work best for your space. We encourage you to use this offering at home, in-store, or online design consultation.

Settling for Limiting Warranties

Often, outdoor furniture resellers provide warranties that will not cover the full extent of the patio season, let alone extend into next year’s patio season. It can be highly disappointing when you have to replace your outdoor furniture every year or two. Researching warranties in advance before making the purchase will prevent a costly mistake. At Paddy O’ Furniture, we offer unmatched warranties for our furniture frames and cushions. We know that patio furniture is an investment. Because we design and develop our furniture with high-quality materials, we stand behind our products and offer more extended warranties than you will find on other outdoor furniture.