Top Benefits of Bliss EcoLumber™

Top Benefits of Bliss EcoLumber™

One of the ways Paddy O' Furniture guides people to their patio bliss is to offer furniture collections crafted with Bliss EcoLumber™, a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) lumber that performs better than natural wood. 

HDPE lumber is made with recycled plastics, such as milk jugs and detergent bottles, to create a durable, eco-friendly building material. When you choose Bliss EcoLumber, it’s a double-win because it helps reduce the amount of plastics headed to landfills and the ocean, and you get aesthetically appealing furniture pieces that will last a long time. Furniture made with HDPE lumber holds up to a variety of weather extremes, requires very little maintenance, and is environmentally friendly. 

The outdoor furniture industry is seeing a steady growth in its popularity. Originally developed in the early 90s, HDPE lumber is now almost as popular as aluminum and wrought iron according to nationwide patio furniture sales. Paddy O’ Furniture provides this high-quality outdoor furniture to clients in Phoenix and Nashville, and our Bliss EcoLumber furniture is available to homes across the U.S. via our online store. 

Paddy O’ Furniture offers sustainable EcoLumber® outdoor furniture to patio enthusiasts everywhere. The frames for our Patriot, Asheville and Frame collections are made in the USA using our Bliss EcoLumber, which comes in various colors and patented wood grains from Tangent Materials. The colors and realistic grains from Tangent go all the way through the lumber. Even if the frame is scratched, it remains unnoticeable; should it fade, it still looks attractive. The Bliss EcoLumber Collections allow our clients to support American workers while positively impacting the environment.

Bliss EcoLumber is Extremely Durable

You may wonder if recycled plastic furniture is robust enough to endure years of outdoor use and exposure. Absolutely! HDPE lumber is crafted from a solitary polymer that has been meticulously purified. Each piece is precisely manufactured to ensure consistent strength and endurance. Plastic lumber surpasses natural wood in areas where wood may falter, earning its reputation as a worry-free wood. Our Bliss EcoLumber furniture is resilient against various environmental stressors. The frames will not splinter, crack, or rot because they do not absorb moisture, and the finish comes with built-in UV protection. Whether you leave your EcoLumber furniture in full sun or keep it covered, you can rest assured that it will not deteriorate over time. Inspired by nature and crafted from durable, all-weather HDPE polymers, EcoLumber furniture offers the look and performance of real wood. With its authentic wood grains and hand-built construction, it provides enduring value. In fact, all of our EcoLumber frames boast a 25-year warranty – the longest warranty period for all our furniture frames.

A Low-Maintenance Patio Furniture Option

EcoLumber furniture is incredibly resilient and low maintenance. Thanks to its HDPE "wood" polymer construction, it's naturally resistant to liquids, oils, insects, and wood-boring animals. Unlike teak and other woods, EcoLumber outdoor furniture won't be marred by fungi, salt spray, or environmental stresses. You won't need to waterproof, paint, stain, or perform similar maintenance tasks. 

One of the many benefits of Bliss EcoLumber furniture is how effortless it is to clean and keep clean. With just soap and water, or simply a gentle pressure washing or spray down with a hose, your furniture is ready for you and your guests. With EcoLumber furniture, you can spend your time enjoying the outdoors year after year.

Environmental Friendly and Sustainable

Choosing an eco-friendly patio set made from sustainable and environmentally friendly materials has a positive impact on the world. HDPE products help to reduce deforestation and keep plastic out of landfills. HDPE lumber can also be recycled up to ten times and, due to its long lifespan, its need for recycling is minimal. Paddy O’ Furniture is committed to sustainability. We have reduced our company’s carbon footprint and created additional jobs for Americans. Buying locally and choosing products made with EcoLumber has a positive effect on the environment.

Creates a Beautiful and Versatile Outdoor Space

The Bliss EcoLumber Collections from Paddy O’ Furniture draw inspiration from nature and offer a real wood look. They have wood-grain finishes available in the Brazilian Walnut and Coastal Gray options. We aim to ensure that our customers don't have to compromise beauty for function and versatility. 

The Patriot and Frame Collections include the Bliss Cushion®, available with various fabric options. On the other hand, the Asheville Collection is made solely of Bliss EcoLumber and does not feature a cushion or sling. Our renowned Bliss Cushions come in a wide range of fabrics specially designed to repel water and stains, resist fading and mildew, and ensure long-term durability. Our Bliss Ultra cushions provide the look and feel of real leather without the hassle, while the fabric for our Bliss Cushions is a solution-dyed woven fabric. The fabrics for both cushions resist stains and fading, and repel water and other liquids.

Picture yourself relaxing by the pool in the comfortable Patriot Padded Sling Chaise Lounge. Pair the chaise with the Asheville Square End Table and your book and beverage will always be within reach. Or cozy up on the Frame Sofa when the time is right. Whatever your outdoor oasis needs, the Bliss EcoLumber Collections offer excellent choices for worry-free, long-lasting value.

Worry-Free Shopping With Paddy O’ Furniture

At Paddy O’ Furniture, we offer Worry-Free Guarantees for all our products, which include:

- A 30-day exchange program for any reason

- A 7-day return program

- A 5-year warranty on each Bliss Cushion

- A 25-year warranty on EcoLumber frames

Our goal is to help people find their ideal patio furniture. Purchasing sustainable outdoor furniture is one way to achieve this. We provide White Glove Delivery for all furniture purchases, including our Bliss EcoLumber Collections. With this service, your products are delivered and arranged in your outdoor living space, allowing you to sit back and relax.

We are committed to offering outstanding service and customer care with every purchase. If you're interested in learning more about what we have to offer, we encourage you to visit our website or contact us with your questions.

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