Two outdoor chaise lounge chairs by the pool

Reclining Chaise Lounges You Need in Your Backyard

Of all the items people put in their backyards these days, the reclining chaise lounge is one of the most functional. An outdoor chaise lounge is the perfect combination of chair and sofa. The elongated section gives you a place to put your legs up and relax. The seat and backrest give you the option of sitting up or lying down. Its full-body support works well for reading, laying out by the pool, or just relaxing and talking with friends. What reclining chaise lounges do you need for your backyard?

More About the Chaise Lounge

Surprisingly, the chaise lounge is one of the oldest furniture designs around. Archeologists have found images of ancient Egyptians reclining on them centuries ago. The contemporary chaise lounge gained popularity in France around the 16th century. They were designed by furniture artisans, allowing the French nobility to relax without retreating to their bedrooms. Understandably, chaise lounges quickly became a sign of social grandeur, and only the rarest and most costly materials were utilized in their creation. Today’s chaise lounge still feels like a luxury item in a modern household, especially when they become part of the outdoor decor. A reclining chaise lounge designed for the backyard or patio will likely be lower to the ground than indoor chaises. They tend to sit lower than sofas or even outdoor benches.

What To Look for in an Outdoor Chaise Lounge

The first thing to look for in a chaise lounge is durability. It needs to be designed to endure the elements you will expose it to – whether that is year-round outdoor weather or chlorinated pool water.


The next thing to consider is the total size of the chaise lounge. Outdoor chaise lounges can take up more square footage than other seating options. Make certain to get the measurement for the chaise lounge when it is fully reclined. This will help you determine how you can position the piece to fit within your space.


An outdoor chaise lounge should be a combination of comfort and durability. The construction can consist of anything from softwood to wicker to sturdy aluminum. What’s essential is you shop for a chaise lounge that can withstand the hot sun, rain, and even cold, depending on where you live. Many chaise lounges have cushions in the back, seat, and under the legs. This material must also be able to withstand climate challenges. No matter how good a chaise lounge looks, it won't last long if it deteriorates in bad weather. This is why at Paddy O’ Furniture we put time and research into creating designs that can withstand the elements. For instance, the Bliss Cushions that we offer has fabric that is:
  • Waterproof
  • Stain-resistant
  • UV Tested
  • Easy to clean
  • Dust-proof
  • Anti-microbial
Bliss Cushions are also comfortable. The upper chamber conforms to the curvature of the neck. The middle area is plush for maximum comfort, and the lower section offers firm lumbar support.

Five Reclining Chaise Lounges You Need in Your Backyard

You are making an investment anytime you purchase outdoor furniture, so finding the right piece is critical. Consider these reclining chaise lounges for your backyard. madison chaise lounge

The Madison

The Madison reclining chaise lounge features a roasted-pecan colored, synthetic wicker exterior over a powder-coated aluminum frame, which provides extra durability. The weave’s dark, rich finish makes it stylish in just about any decor. Some key features of a Madison chaise lounge include:
  • Handmade
  • Braided wicker accents mixed with the flat weave
  • A sturdy powder-coated aluminum frame to prevent rusting
  • Armless design
  • Wheels
  • Includes the resort-inspired comfort of the Bliss Cushion
The small traditional Madison chaise lounge offers four different reclining levels and holds up to 350 lbs. Its cushions come in 14 vibrant colors. You can also get the Madison as an oversized cuddle chaise that is perfect for two people. It has all the benefits of the traditional Madison and holds up to 600 lbs. Ventana Chaise Lounge

The Ventana

Like the Madison, the Ventana chaise lounge consists of a dark wicker weave that covers a powder-coated aluminum frame. This durable all-weather wicker is composed of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) material. The built-in cushioned seating of the Ventana collection provides a durable comfort. Other features of the Ventana include:
  • A cushioned back and seat that is built into the piece
  • Roasted-pecan colored weave
  • Back that reclines to four different levels
  • Weight capacity of 350 lbs.
Ventana’s rich, dark color adds elegance to any outdoor seating arrangement. peninsula chaise lounge

The Peninsula

The Peninsula chaise lounge offers clean lines and a sleek modern design. The lightweight, graphite-colored, powder-coated aluminum frame is built to last. It won’t rust or leave unsightly rings on your patio or deck. Features of the Peninsula include:
  • A lightweight frame made of durable aluminum
  • Graphite-colored finish
  • Back that reclines to four levels
  • Weight capacity of 600 pounds
  • Wheels
The Peninsula collection comes with Paddy O’s signature Bliss Cushions for added comfort and durability. You can get the cushions in a variety of modern colors. If you want a chaise that is wide enough for two people, consider the Peninsula cuddle chaise. It has the same great features with an oversized frame. Loire Valley Chaise Lounge

The Loire Valley

If you like the idea of a wicker weave over a sturdy powder-coated aluminum frame, but want a lighter color, the Loire Valley chaise lounge is the right choice for you. This unique design offers the durability of the Madison but with a Beachwood weave, which gives it a lighter, softer color. Other features include:
  • Wicker made of all-weather high-density polyethylene (HDPE) material
  • Armless design that allows the chaise lounge to lie flat like a cot, or backless couch
  • Four different reclining levels
  • Wheels
  • Weight capacity of 350 lbs
  • No assembly is required
The Loire Valley Collection pieces come with Bliss Cushions in a variety of colors that can bring out its Beachwood weave perfectly, and match the look you have in your backyard’s style. Cordova Chaise Lounge

The Cordova

The Cordova chaise lounge from Paddy O’ Furniture will bring a simple sophistication to your backyard furniture collection. Its high-back design and bold lines make it the ultimate in fashionable decor and comfort. The features of the Cordova include:
  • Lightweight powder-coated aluminum frame
  • Comfortable and durable Bliss Cushions
  • Wheels
  • Four reclining levels
  • Weight capacity of 350 lbs
You can choose from the 14 different colors of Bliss Cushions to personalize the look and feel of your outdoor space. Find out more about the outdoor reclining chaise lounges available from the outdoor furniture store that designs and develops its own furniture with premium materials for long-lasting value. Visit one of our showrooms today in Phoenix or Nashville, or go online to shop.
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