Top 5 Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Fire Pit Table

Top 5 Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Fire Pit Table

When the weather cools down, that’s when friends and family love to gather around a fire pit table! A portable propane fire pit table is a great addition to any patio space. It is a piece of outdoor furniture that can provide countless hours of comfort and warmth during cooler days and nights.

At Paddy O’ Furniture, you have plenty of fire pit table styles and sizes to choose from. Do you want a round or rectangular fire pit table? Do you want a balcony, chat, or dining height fire pit table? So many questions! Knowing what you like before you begin your search can save you time and money – and you’ll end up buying what you truly need! 

Here are the top five things to consider before buying a propane fire pit table:


The size and height of the table will have a lot to do with how it functions for your needs. Round fire pit tables are typically anywhere from 44” to 54” in diameter (though they can be larger), and rectangular-shaped fire pit tables come in a variety of dimensions.

Dekton Fire Pit Table and Rancho Sectional With Bliss Spa CushionsBliss Fire Pit Tables

Height is important when choosing your fire table. For balconies, a taller 38” height with balcony barstool chairs can be the perfect fit. If you plan to dine around the flame, choose a table that is at least 28” tall. Whatever height you select, remember to have a clearance of at least 72” from the top of the burner. 

When considering your outdoor setup, take in the totality of your available space. A fire pit will not heat an entire patio. The people sitting closest to the flame will feel its warmth. You may need to select a larger fire pit for six or more guests. A smaller propane fire pit table can be perfect for smaller gatherings or immediate family, while a larger fire pit can be used for bigger parties. Most of Paddy O' Furniture's fire pit tables also come with a lid, giving you the ability to convert it to a regular coffee, dining, or balcony table.


There is a convenience when it comes to choosing a portable propane fire pit table. You can move it depending on the time of year or if you have parties or other gatherings where you need more space. It can be much better than having a permanent location that limits you to a certain area of your patio.

Having the portability gives you flexibility if you were to redesign your backyard or relocate. If portability is not important and you have natural gas at your home, our fire pit tables are compatible with natural gas through a converter.

Inverness Swivel Rockers with Bliss Spa Cushions and Dekton Fire Pit TableInverness Swivel Rockers


Make sure to measure your space. For safety, a fire pit table should be about 10 feet away from any structures, including the house or a fence, and have at least 72” of clearance above your fire pit’s burner. If you are unsure what will fit for your space, please call any of our stores and speak to an associate. We would love to assist you.

When placing a fire pit, one of the more important things is to make sure that it is on a level surface so the fire pit table doesn't tip or wobble. Placing a portable propane fire pit table on grass is a great option as long as the ground is level, firm, and dry.

California Style Adirondack Chairs Around a Bliss Fire Pit TableCalifornia Style Adirondack Chairs


The color, material, and shape of the fire pit table will have a lot to do with your current backyard design, as well as the overall look and feel of your space. A concrete gray fire pit will blend in perfectly with many outdoor looks, while our durable Bliss fire pit tables offer a variety of patterned tops to suit a broad range of styles.

Keep in mind the maintenance of the material of the fire pit tables you choose. Natural porous stones such as brick or cement may stain from beverages or food. Powder-coated metal is extremely durable and will not rust, but it can get warm to the touch. Natural stone looks amazing but does require regular maintenance, like sealing, every 4-6 months to retain its natural beauty.

At Paddy O’ Furniture, we build our fire pit tables to suit all styles. Our propane fire pit tables are low maintenance and come in a variety of tops to fit any décor. Our Bliss Fire Pit Tables are worry-free with tops that are scratch, stain and flame resistant. They require no sealing and they do not have any grout, making them the ultimate low maintenance fire pit table. The Bliss fire pit table top also boasts an industry-leading 15-year warranty.

Mission Stackable Sling Chairs Around a Bliss Fire Pit TableMission Stackable Club Chairs

Propane fire pits have burner pans that are typically filled with decorative fireproof materials to cover the burners. This is usually some type of colored glass, although it can be decorative ceramic balls or lava rock, too. What you choose will have a lot to do with the style you prefer. A bold color might fit in perfectly with a yard full of flowers and colorful cushions, while a more neutral selection may be more suitable for understated backyards.


What type of seating will you put around a fire pit? Depending on how many you can fit, you can go for single chairs, a loveseat, sofa, or sectional.

The type of seating you choose depends on the height of the fire pit table you choose. If choosing a dining height, you can place club chairs or dining chairs around it. If choosing a balcony height fire pit, balcony swivel chairs or stationary chairs will work best. For a chat height fire pit table, there are endless options. Club chairs, adirondack chairs, loveseats, sectionals and sofas all work great. It comes down to how many people you are trying to seat and the look you are trying to achieve.

A big sectional or outdoor sofa encourages people to get cozy and feels like a living room outdoors! You may even find yourself taking a nap on our comfortable and deep Bliss Cushions!

Rancho Sectional with Loire Valley Ottomans in Bliss SpaRancho Cushion Collection


Paddy O’ Furniture is known for lasting quality and style. We design and develop our furniture to withstand the harshest elements. No matter what type of backyard you’re looking to create, we have the styles and selection you need to enjoy more nights in the open air. Our patio furniture warranties are unlike any others offered on the market.

Check out our fire pit table selection online (with nationwide delivery) or visit one of our showrooms in the Phoenix Metro Area or Nashville today. We would love to help you design the outdoor space of your dreams to host family and friends!



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