Patio Heating | How to Warm Up Your Space in Style

Patio Heating | How to Warm Up Your Space in Style

The fall season is the perfect time to invite friends and family outdoors to enjoy a meal, cocktails at dusk, or even some stargazing later in the evening. 

Cozying up around a glowing fire pit or an outdoor fireplace can be all the entertainment you need. In addition to being visually attractive, these patio heating options open a whole new world of possibilities for enjoying your outdoor space throughout the year.

Let Paddy O' Furniture be your inspiration, whether you're starting with a blank slate or simply adding a source for outdoor heat. No matter how you plan to use your patio, the seating, tables and accessories you choose should reflect your aesthetic. Select furniture that is comfortable, attractive and designed to withstand changing weather conditions. There is no substitute for investing in quality that will provide you with years of trouble-free enjoyment.

5 Distinctive Ways to Warm Your Outdoor Patio

Sometimes, just the illusion of warmth is all it takes to create the perfect outdoor living space. If your outdoor patio is furnished with sofas and lounges,  you may already have the beginnings of a "cool" retreat for winter gatherings. Add yard lighting, colorful pillows and distinctive accessories, and supplement the area with portable outdoor heaters in strategic locations. 

Create an Outdoor All-Weather Room

If you add lighting and electric strip heating at the ceiling level of a covered patio, it will boost the comfort for watching an outdoor television, or enjoying a sunny-day nap during the winter. Take outdoor comfort to a higher level with a cozy area rug and individual stadium blankets for each seating area.

Serve hot soup, hot chocolate or hot cider to your family visiting your outdoor retreat, or kick it up a notch and invite a crowd to an impromptu celebration with spicy snacks and adult beverages. Your outdoor room can be a great way to handle any overflow at holiday celebrations!

Who knows, your outdoor living space may become the "best game" in your neighborhood! 

Add a Fire Feature to Your Pool or Hot Tub Deck

Pool designers and landscape architects often advocate features like garden ponds and flowing waterfalls to accentuate the beauty of outdoor spaces. Today, however, fire features have become nearly as popular as water features, and they highlight the appeal that backyard pools and hot tubs offer during evening hours and cooler seasons.

Capitalize on this year-round appeal by adding a non-permanent fire feature like a fire pit table that can serve as a cool-weather gathering spot for family and friends. Our fire pits have concealed compartments for propane tanks, but some fire pit models offer an option for you to work with your plumber to install a dedicated natural gas line, much like a gas grill.

Install an Outdoor Fireplace

A custom outdoor fireplace, whether it's wood-burning or gas-fired, may represent the ultimate luxury, and we have to admit that they are beautiful. If you have one, we suggest you use it as the focal point for the space. Add seating that features the sink-into comfort of cushions with a durable all-weather upholstery. You want your furniture to remain beautiful for years to come so select products that will hold up to constant use and the extremes of weather. Choose wisely and your outdoors is certain to become a favorite space and the site of many good memories over the years. 

A freestanding fireplace, or chiminea, can add warmth to an outdoor patio of modest size. Surround it with comfortable chairs and ottomans, or movable seating pieces to accommodate a crowd, and be sure to add small tables for food and drinks. Browse Paddy O' Furniture’s outdoor furniture collections for the latest designs. No matter what you choose, we stand behind the quality and value of our furniture, and your satisfaction is our primary focus.  

Make Your Outdoor Kitchen the Center of Activity

Whether you have a simple grilling counter or a full, upscale outdoor kitchen, complete with a pizza oven and clean-up conveniences, you can create an outdoor zone that adapts easily to entertaining options. If you have an outdoor dining table with dining chairs, set up additional seating around a coffee table fire pit with a retractable top.  Add pull-up seating, stools or benches to accommodate additional guests.

Group seating works well around a tabletop patio heater or a fire pit table. Opt for a round dining fire pit, or a taller, balcony-height fire pit table that can be surrounded by bar stools. Numerous options exist with fire pit tables, including your ability to choose from an assortment of glass colors. Warmer colors can duplicate the allure of a glowing campfire. And what adult can resist roasting a hot dog or making a s'more around a campfire on a cool evening?

Select a Multi-Purpose Fire Pit Table

A fire pit table is, essentially, an updated version of a portable gas patio heater, and it certainly provides much more function and fun than a simple heater. Contemporary fire pits can be works of art, with sizes and design options to suit a wide variety of aesthetic preferences. Most fire pits are made with rustproof aluminum so they are lightweight, and can be easily moved. This provides flexibility to serve multiple patio needs. The addition of a fire pit table from Paddy O' Furniture can rejuvenate the look of your outdoor patio, making it a favorite place to share moments and make memories with family and friends, no matter the season.

Whatever style you choose a low table surrounded by club chairs, a balcony-table that offers elevated comfort with barstools, or a large round or rectangular table to create a unique dining experience we have numerous options that you can personalize. A fire pit table is destined to become a dramatic and functional addition to your outdoor patio.

We Make Shopping Fun

At Paddy O' Furniture, our goal is to make your shopping experience a pleasure. You're certain to find a table to love at one of Paddy O' Furniture's showroom locations. We have seven showrooms to serve Arizona customers, including our North Phoenix showroom and outlet location, and an eighth showroom in Nashville, TN. You can also shop and order online, with the full support of our knowledgeable staff. 

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