The Best Outdoor Furniture to Withstand Summer’s Sun and Heat

The Best Outdoor Furniture to Withstand Summer’s Sun and Heat

If you shop and compare, you’ll discover how Paddy O’ Furniture builds quality into our outdoor furniture. We use higher-quality, professional-grade materials because we design our own exclusive collections. It’s why our furniture lasts longer than our competitor’s offerings. Our innovations are based on decades of learning. Paddy O’ started in sunny Phoenix, Arizona, so we understand how extreme temperatures, monsoons, and UV rays will damage furniture frames and cushions. We add stronger protections to provide you with lasting durability and long-term value.

Because our furniture designs can withstand Arizona’s worst weather, you know they will withstand any climate challenges nationwide.

Here are five things to consider if you’re looking for backyard furniture that will survive the summer sun and heat. We’ve added a few of our favorite materials to get you started on creating your outdoor oasis!

A Low-Maintenance, Nonfading Alternative to Wood

If you like the look of wood, check out our sustainable line of Bliss EcoLumber Furniture. Bliss EcoLumber looks like wood but performs much better. The lumber is sustainably sourced from recycled plastic, like milk jugs and detergent bottles, and because it doesn’t absorb oils or other liquids, Bliss EcoLumber will not warp, splinter, crack, or rot. There's never a need for sealing, painting, sanding, or staining. Bliss EcoLumber is easy to maintain and resists fading from UV exposure. We have several furniture collections built with Bliss EcoLumber. Each piece is made in the U.S.A., and we are so confident in its quality, we offer a 25-year warranty.

Powder-Coated Aluminum

If you’re buying a dining or lounge set, look for quality-enhancing materials like powder-coated aluminum. The powder-coating process protects and extends the life of the metal. These furniture frames are rustproof and resist UV fading and peeling. The powder-coating process produces a thicker finishing coat with a better overall look than a finish painted directly on metal. Because it repels moisture, chemicals, and other elements, powder-coated aluminum frames are very easy to clean.

Resin Wicker

The look of woven wicker is very elegant and adds a great texture to any outdoor space, but it typically won’t last long outdoors unless it’s a synthetic resin wicker. Our All-Weather Wicker collections at Paddy O’ Furniture are designed with seasonal weather elements in mind. 

Our desert-proven All-Weather Wicker furniture combines the classic charm of rattan with the durability and functionality of HDPE. The wicker is made with a unique high-density polyethylene blend, which then gets woven around a powder-coated aluminum frame. The All-Weather Wicker collections from Paddy O' Furniture are reinforced with extra UV inhibitors to withstand extreme sun and heat. They are also resistant to torrential rains, and will not rust.

Durable Outdoor Fabric

When buying outdoor furniture, you want it to feel comfortable and plush. Our famous Bliss Cushions provide durability without compromising on comfort. Both our Bliss Ultra and Bliss Cushions resist moisture, staining, and fading. They are perfect for any outdoor setting. 

The fabric of our Bliss Fabric Cushions is protected by a Crypton barrier, which makes the fabric waterproof, dustproof, and antimicrobial and ensures your cushions will last for many years to come. Our cushions that feature the Bliss Ultra fabric have the timeless look and feel of leather, but are engineered specifically for superb outdoor performance. The luxurious, soft and smooth surface resists water, stains, and UV fading to give Bliss Ultra cushions long-lasting outdoor durability.

Warranty Coverage

When investing in outdoor furniture, be certain you are purchasing furniture made with high-quality materials that are designed to last for years. It's always reassuring to have warranty coverage if anything happens to your furniture. We stand behind the quality of our designs and offer unmatched warranties on all our products.

At Paddy O’ Furniture, we offer fine furniture that will hold up to summer’s extreme weather conditions and still provide comfort and beauty after many years of use. When purchasing from Paddy O’ Furniture, we understand that your purchase is an investment, which is why we do not compromise on style, comfort, or materials. If you’re ready to shop, visit us at one of our showrooms in Arizona or Tennessee, or look over our wide array of offerings available online at

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