How to throw a fun, safe pool party

How to throw a fun, safe pool party

By Brooke Watton

It’s summer, which means everyone’s in the pool! 

I’m Brooke Watton, an Arizona-based relationship-focused and results-oriented third-generation REALTOR ® who combines my background as a corporate attorney with my passion for real estate. I was born and raised in Colorado, but I’ve lived in the Valley for the past 13 years and have had my fair share of pool parties to get through those long summer months. I love to cut loose at a great pool party, but habitually my rule following, legal mind creeps in – and making sure everything is done with the utmost safety is my priority!

I’ve also helped many clients find their dream home, which frequently includes a beautiful pool to enjoy in the summer. It’s important to do your due diligence when purchasing a home with a pool, including a thorough pool inspection.

Floating in the Pool on a Flamingo FloatyFurther, while the idea of throwing fabulous pool parties is fun, pools can become costly if you don’t keep up with them. It’s important to be sure the pool is up to par with city safety requirements such as pool fences, self-latching gates, pool covers, and alarms. It can be so easy to get excited about owning a pool and look past some of these safety requirements – so part of my job is to help clients understand their full responsibility in pool ownership. In my experience, throwing a fun and safe pool party requires careful planning and consideration. 

Here are some tips I’d recommend when hosting an enjoyable and safe pool party:

Safety first

Safety should be your top priority, always! Ensure the pool is well maintained with the proper chemicals and there are no obvious safety hazards (broken tiles, sharp edges, etc.). While it’s a no-brainer to bring in the fun pool floaties and toys, make sure proper floatation devices and first aid supplies are available as well.

Set clear rules

Rules are rules – they’re necessary in ensuring everyone stays safe while having fun! Clearly communicate the pool rules to all guests before they enter the pool area. Some rules at my house include no running, no glass near the pool, and no swimming without adult supervision for children.

Provide shade and seating

Always set up shaded areas and offer ample seating for guests to relax and take breaks from the sun. Consider using umbrellas, canopies, or pop-up tents to create shaded spots. I’m currently in the process of building a home with a new pool and plans include three umbrellas, a shade canopy and tons of seating. I also highly recommend an outdoor dining table where everyone can eat away from the pool area.

Paddy O' Furnitures Newport Cuddle Chaise Lounges with a Galtech CantileverNewport Cuddle Chaise Lounges With a Galtech Cantilever

Hydration and snacks

Whether you’ll be having alcohol at your pool party or not, make sure you also keep your guests hydrated by providing a variety of non-alcoholic beverages such as water, juices, and light sparkling sodas or sports drinks. I like to set up a designated area for snacks and refreshments away from the pool to prevent messes. My go to for snacks is a fun, colorful charcuterie board! Be sure to use non-glass utensils and invest in some great, reusable servingware!

Barbie Themed Charcuterie BoardSun protection

The Arizona sun is like no other! Encourage your guests to bring their own sunscreen but always have some extra sunscreen options on hand – it’s not something you want to miss out on. I also typically provide extra hats, sunglasses, and towels to help protect my friends and family from the sun's harsh rays if they forget theirs.

Music and entertainment

I think everyone can agree that music makes all the difference at a party, right?! Create a lively atmosphere by playing music that suits the party vibe. I like hiring my favorite DJ for big events but usually just create a fun playlist in advance for smaller gatherings. Additionally, it’s always appreciated when pool games and floaties are available to keep guests entertained!

Group of People at Pool PartySupervision and monitoring

Make sure there are responsible adults actively monitoring the pool area during the party. Unfortunately, most pool accidents happen when someone thinks someone else is watching – so make sure to effectively communicate when switching monitors. 

My kids and I recently attended a pool party where a lifeguard was hired to provide an additional level of supervision – what a great use of money as he ended up jumping in TWICE to assist kids who appeared to be struggling! Also, keep an eye on guests' behavior, particularly if alcohol is being consumed. While it may seem like a fun idea to jump off the roof into a five-foot pool, it can get dangerous quickly. 

Cleanliness and maintenance

Things can get chaotic during a party, so it’s important to regularly check the pool area to ensure it remains clean and tidy. Having garbage bins available for guests to dispose of their waste properly will help with this. Also, it’s always a good idea to ask a family member or friend in advance to help you in the event of any spills or messes!

Ultimately, what makes a pool party great is the overall positive energy and good vibes! Foster a friendly and welcoming atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable and enjoys themselves. While pool parties can be an absolute blast, safety should always be a priority. 

I hope by implementing these tips, you can create a fun and safe environment for your guests – AND YOU – to enjoy!

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Image of Brooke Watton - AZ RealtorBrooke Watton is an attorney turned REALTOR ® with a penchant for pink, à la Elle Woods. Watton serves the Phoenix Valley and comes from a long line of agents, carrying the mantle of her father and grandfather.

Find her on Instagram @legallyblonderealtor. She resides in Gilbert, Arizona with her husband and two kids.

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