How To Design a  Small Outdoor Living Space

How To Design a Small Outdoor Living Space

The perfect outdoor space is often envisioned as a large area where friends and family gather for dinners, barbecues and pool parties. While large backyards are ideal for entertaining, little outdoor spaces provide warmth and coziness. They’re a great place to unplug from the world and relax either alone or with a partner. Whether you seek to design a small space, like a patio, or a restful area within your backyard, we’re here to help. Here are steps to consider—and images we’ve carefully curated to show the endless possibilities in a single space. 

1. Determine the Purpose of the Space

Your first step is to decide how you’ll use the space. Are you looking to create a small outdoor reading nook, dining area or lounging spot? How you intend to use it will determine the type of outdoor furniture style and the pieces you’ll want to purchase.

Outdoor Patio Space

2. Select the Ideal Furniture Style

When choosing a style of furniture for a small area, it’s important to avoid selecting one that will make it appear crowded. Therefore, you should opt for a narrow-frame design instead of one that is wide. 

At Paddy O’ Furniture, we offer many different furniture collections to fit your outdoor space. Our Sling and Padded Sling Collections, as well as the Glendale, Inverness and Ventura Woven Collections, are excellent choices for small areas. 

3. Pick the Perfect Furniture Pieces

The area will dictate the number of pieces you can select. Remember: The goal is to create an outdoor getaway and not to allow clutter to get in the way. You might be surprised at the amount of seating and table(s) your small space can accommodate. 

Here are some furniture suggestions for common uses of small outdoor areas:

Reading Nook

Relax with a good book in our Inverness Club Swivel Glider or Edge Hill Club Recliner, and add a 24-inch Round End Table for beverages, snacks and personal items. 

Dining Area

Dine alfresco while seated on a Glendale Bistro Counter Stool. Two stools fit nicely around a 30 or 36-inch Round Balcony Table.

Lounging Spot

Relax in comfort in an Inverness Chaise Lounge. Pair it with a 30-inch Round End Table to create your own staycation resort. 

Small Space Mood Board

4. Include Special Outdoor Features

Consider adding outdoor features to elevate the look of your outdoor space. Water features, like a bird bath or fountain, provide calm to any outdoor experience. You can make a small spot look bigger by incorporating a vertical garden. Add one of our fire pits for beauty and warmth in the colder months. 

Adding Outdoor Features to a Patio Space

5. Add the Finishing Touch: Accessories!

Don’t forget to include accessories to accentuate your outdoor area. Pillows and rugs are great options. Our Bliss Throw Pillows complement any furniture style and are available in a variety of colors. Rugs in fun, bright patterns are an excellent choice to liven up a space. Consider an umbrella to provide shade in spots with a lot of sunlight. 

Edge Hill Club Chair with Accessories

Ready to design your small outdoor sanctuary? 

Visit a Paddy O’ Furniture showroom to talk with an Exterior Design Guide and learn about our On-Site Complimentary Design Consultations, or shop online. Personalize your outdoors with our wide selection of furniture. 

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