Hidden Outdoor Storage Ideas

Hidden Outdoor Storage Ideas

By Diana Elizabeth Steffen

There is so much we do outside, from gardening to hosting parties, and perhaps even pool-side entertaining! With these activities, we need places to store our backyard “extras,” like hoses, tools and maintenance supplies, furniture covers even pool accessories, whether it’s pool noodles and water guns, or extra towels and sunscreen.

And then there are the byproducts that come with social gatherings. Can we talk trash? Who wants the presence of unattractive metal trash cans or black trash bins that look like … trash? That’s not a solution for a beautiful backyard with pretty landscaping and lovely patio furniture!

As I was planning upcoming parties, I immediately thought about trash cans and scoured the web for a good looking bin.

I came across a wide selection of trash bins that could work for a variety of parties you might want to host! Let me share a few of the prettier search results, which you can also use as storage – like I mentioned, a great place to keep pool noodles!

Outdoor Storage BinYes, your guests need a spot to discard garbage, but a metal or black trash can on wheels is just not something one wants to see during a garden party.

You can do a quick search on Google for “trash bin” or “waste bin” to see what pops up.  Most designs are straightforward as to what they are, but keep scrolling and you’ll find there are others that are more discreet and aesthetically pleasing.

Here are a couple of options from around the web – Some are pricey, but the one I selected is the cheapest and, in my opinion, looks great!

Home Depot BinThe Home Depot White Storage Bin (also comes in black)

Horchow Trash ReceptacleHorchow Trash Receptacle

Temporary Trash Cans

If you’re heading to a park or just want something simple, here are a few ideas that are a great value. I’ve used them for garage sales and for backyard get-togethers before I bought more permanent outdoor bins. There are temporary pop-up trash cans that come in different colors, or rectangle disposable paper trash cans that can be tucked away in a corner. Really, you can choose anything other than a trash can that looks like it belongs in the alley.

Outdoor Storage IdeasI bought two white plastic backyard bins. One is located near our kitchen garden and the other is in the backyard. You could definitely use them to hide pool noodles. Best of all, I like the price point at $150. I never need to worry about moving them out of sight because they don’t look bad they just blend in!

Our guests easily figured out what they were during my backyard birthday party.  If you are worried about them not being obvious trash bins, trust me, once you tell one guest, they all will see it. If not, guests will show each other. 

With all the time you spend working on your backyard oasis, it makes sense to look for a trash bin that will blend in and complement your outdoor space!

Diana Elizabeth Steffen is a Phoenix-based photographer and blogger at dianaelizabethblog.com, where she shares her home and garden projects with her camera in hand!

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