Five Steps To Refresh Your Backyard for Spring

Five Steps To Refresh Your Backyard for Spring

With the end of winter nearing, now is the perfect time to prepare your outdoor space for the warmer months ahead. At Paddy O’ Furniture, we understand the process can be challenging to navigate alone—don’t fret! Our experts have created this guide to assist you. We’ll help you take your vision from a mood board to a real-life backyard oasis. 

1. Begin with an inspiration board. 

Create an inspiration board with photos of furniture and decor that inspire you and fit the overall vibe you want to achieve in your outdoor living space. As you add ideas to your inspiration board, be sure to take note of what drew you to them. Was it the style of the patio furniture or the colors of the cushions or rug? This is a great way to determine what you do and don’t like. Pinterest is a handy tool to use for this step.

2. Think about who will use the space.

Consider who will be using your outdoor space and how. Do you plan to host small family dinners or large parties? Knowing this will assist you in choosing the number and type of furniture pieces you’ll need. 

3. Set a budget.

Before jumping into selecting your new patio furniture, decide what your budget is. Identifying your budget will help you in two ways: prioritizing what items you need and narrowing down your shopping decision as you consider your options.

4. Visit Paddy O’ Furniture.

Paddy O’ Furniture offers several different furniture styles and high-quality pieces in addition to various exclusive Bliss Cushion® colors. We recommend you stop by one of our eight showroom locations to meet with one of our Exterior Design Guides. They’ll work with you to maximize your outdoor space, simplify your furniture-buying experience, and bring your vision for your backyard to life. Our Exterior Design Guides provide Complimentary On-Site Design Consultations that allow you to see cushion colors and table surfaces in your backyard firsthand. 

5. Choose your furniture and accessories.

After speaking with one of our Exterior Design Guides and finalizing your design plans, select the furniture pieces you need. Don’t forget to consider a new outdoor rug or some Bliss Throw Pillows to accentuate them! 

Let’s create your backyard oasis—together. 

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