Classic Christmas Porch Decor

Classic Christmas Porch Decor

By Laura Rush

After living in Charleston, S.C., and Dallas, Texas, I have fallen in love with Southern style and its classic elements. My goal for the exterior of our home was to create a traditional, classic feel.

I have always loved homes that were dressed in greenery with big red bows. So I did just that, with lit garlands, wreaths and candles in every window. I think of the “Home Alone” house – it gives off a nostalgic holiday feeling, and that’s what I wanted to achieve with my front exterior.

Porch With Christmas Decor
I grew up in the snow, enjoying snowball fights and white Christmases. I had to bring the magic of snow to the desert so my kids could get a sense of a white Christmas. My husband installed a snow machine to the top of our porch. The best part is the remote, with its ability to change colors, adjust the amount of snow, and set a timer. Our kids and all of their friends had the best time jumping around and playing in the “snow.” Who says we can’t pretend we are living in a slice of the North Pole?
Laura Rush Standing by Front Door

I know that decorating the front porch of your house can feel overwhelming, but if you follow some of my tips, I promise it will feel much more approachable. You can completely elevate your home’s curb appeal and be the star of the street!


Decide on Your Theme

Thankfully, there is no shortage of ideas out there to create the holiday home of your dreams. Before you get overwhelmed with all the different décor items, try to hone into one that speaks to you the most. Do you want a classic look, like the style I chose? Or are you wanting something more bold and bright, or white and wintery?

Once you decide on a cohesive theme, it will be much easier to narrow down the things needed for your porch. For example, if you are wanting to decorate your front porch in a Nutcracker theme, I would suggest finding two large Nutcracker figures to go on either side of the door. Next, choose a small color palette that reminds you of The Nutcracker ballet, and hang snowflakes from the ceiling. Maybe if your front yard has enough space, you can go as big as decorating different areas of the porch/yard with different dance themes. My thinking may be a little overboard, but I encourage you to just have fun with it!
Placing a Bow on a Christmas Wreath
Adding a Nativity Scene to a Porch for Christmas

Add Color and Texture for a Big Impact

My color palette was pretty easy to determine as it was just the classic red and green, but if you are choosing something else, I would recommend a maximum of three colors and focus strictly on those shades.

I picked up two large poinsettia plants to really lean into the classic red décor, and I love how they brought an extra bold layer to the entry of our porch. I added more texture with garland draped across each pillar, topped with a red bow on each peak. When adding the wreaths to the windows, I used suction hooks  to make them really simple to hang them. The last layer I added to my windows were battery operated flicker candles, which are also controlled by a timed remote. I feel these little touches really added to the porch in a big way.
Placing a Poinsettia on the Porch to add to the decor and add color
Front Porch with Garland and Other Decor
Front of House With Garland and Other Christmas Decor
Front Door Showcasing Hanging Lights and the Garland

Lights Make Everything More Magical

The best thing about the holidays is seeing everything lit up and twinkling at night. I added twinkling starburst lights (linked here) to the porch and I feel they made quite an impact when walking up to my front door. To add an extra layer to the wreaths, and help them stand out at night, I added battery operated fairy lights to each one. Be sure you get the lights with a timer so they automatically turn on without having to manually switch each one on at night.

As I mentioned above, adding candles in the windows is one of my favorite parts to my holiday décor. They are classic and nostalgic, and I love the little flicker in the window at night. It brings a cozy element to the inside of the home as well – you get to enjoy them both inside and out, which is always a bonus.

Lights and Garland Hanging From Inside the PorchAdd an Element of Surprise

Lastly, as I talked about earlier, we brought our own little version of snow to Arizona and it was such a fun little bonus to our holiday get-togethers! When you add a little unexpected touch to your outdoor décor, it invites your friends, family and neighbors to enjoy a little more of the magic you created on your front porch. Snow machine linked here.

Family all on the Porch Enjoying the Christmas DecorI am all about the details, and I believe that any extra touch added to your décor just elevates it even more. The holidays would be nothing without the details so don’t be shy!

Thanks for following along! I can’t wait to see what you do with your décor. Happy holidays!

Laura Rush is a Phoenix-transplant from Dallas, TX. She is a branding expert, textile designer, stationer, interior stylist, and calligrapher. Laura resides in Gilbert with her husband Cory, four kids and their dog Curly. She loves Grandmillenial design and antiquing, and brings a little bit of the South to the desert of Arizona. You can find her on Instagram @pepperdesign_ & @thestorkdiary.

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