Fall will soon be in the air for every part of the country, bringing cooler temperatures and, hopefully, the urge to enjoy pleasant outdoor weather with family and friends at home.

Fall and winter can be just as appealing for outdoor living and entertaining as the summer season. Even in climates that are pleasant throughout the year, the ambiance of an outdoor fire pit can give an added dimension to your backyard scene – whether you have a small backyard or a large outdoor space.

This is the perfect time to consider the addition of a backyard fire pit – to enjoy the cooler mornings and evenings that lie ahead. Boost your backyard’s comfort and entertainment quotient with a variety of seating arrangements around fire pit placements.

Our experts will help you through the decision-making process, and with our worry-free return policies and extraordinary warranties, we can ensure your satisfaction from beginning to end.

If you’re intrigued by the idea of spending quality time at home in front of a glowing outdoor fire, we have a handful of backyard fire pit ideas that are sure to spark your imagination. The best outside fire pits offer not only warmth and comfort, but also serve a variety of functions, allowing you to enjoy outdoor living throughout the year.


Dekton fire pit tops are available in five colors, including Trilium

Paddy O' Furniture Rectangular Dekton Trilium Firepit
and Laurent.
Paddy O' Furniture Round Dekton Laurent Firepit

The Bodega offers the industrial look of concrete without heavy weight and maintenance.

Paddy O' Furniture Bodega Firepit

Paddy O' Furniture Bodega Firepit

The Rectangular Slat Top fire pit is built to withstand the harshest outdoor climates.

Paddy O' Furniture Rectangular Slat Top Firepit
Paddy O' Furniture Rectangular Slat Top Fire Pit


From early civilizations to the present, humans have gathered around glowing fires for fellowship and warmth. It is a tradition that transcends time, culture and geographical location. Whether you light a fire to enjoy its beauty, embrace its warmth, cook over its flames, or just to serve as the focal point during an outdoor gathering, a modern fire pit is an effortless way to carry on that tradition.


At Paddy O’ Furniture, we offer a variety of fire pit styles ranging from rustic to contemporary, rectangular to round, and a variety of surface tops like ceramic tile, stone mosaic, and aluminum made to look like slatted wood, concrete, or other materials.

Most bases are constructed with versatile lightweight aluminum, which makes them easy to move if necessary, and they are powder-coated to maintain their beauty throughout harsh outdoor weather conditions. Most styles are available in a variety of sizes and heights to fit your needs.

A fire pit table can be the focus for a conversation area, or serve as a centerpiece for a unique dining experience. Dining fire pit tables add an air of drama to an outdoor meal. Paddy O’ fire pits encourage you to explore and personalize the design, shape and look that will achieve your specific purpose.

Rectangular Bodega Fire Pits feature a cast concrete appearance that is sleek and modern, with a wide choice in colored fire glass. The Arcadia Rectangular Aluminum Fire Pit, with a unique retractable top, is another durable contemporary style with easy-care flair. You can add an attractive and durable Dekton surface to any of our slat-top firepits.

Dekton is a distinctive material that is extremely scratch and stain resistant, and requires little maintenance. The nonporous Dekton surface will not burn, scorch or crack. Give us a call or visit one of our showrooms for more information about the amazing Dekton option.


Just as water features, like ponds and waterfalls, accentuate the soothing qualities of a backyard pool setting, fire features can add dramatic moods in lighting to normal backyard landscapes of shrubbery, trees and flowers (or cactus and Southwest art).

Whether you opt for a backyard fire pit, an outdoor fireplace, or a modern “campfire” for wiener roasts and s’mores, the visual delight of dancing flames under a dark sky can create a calming evening of comfort and conversation. The choice is yours, and the Exterior Design Guides at Paddy O’ are uniquely qualified to help you select the personality you want your backyard fire pit to display.

Unlike fireplaces and the campfires, modern fire pits are designed to fulfill a variety of leisure scenarios. Fire pits serve as coffee tables at 18 or 22-inch heights, as 29-inch tall dining tables that can accommodate four to six chairs, depending on their size, and as bar-height “balcony” tables at 38 inches high.


At Paddy O’, our distinctive fire pits burn propane gas, and most have hidden shelving or compartments for the propane tanks. Conversion kits are available that allow your plumber to tap into a natural gas line for a tankless configuration.

As with all gas products, owners should take proper care of the propane tanks or gas connections, and use caution when lighting a fire, especially when young children are present. Our fire pit models offer a selection of colored glass, and most have protective covers.

How far away from the house should a fire pit be? Reasonable prudence suggests that fire pits be situated with an appropriate clearance from walls, shrubbery, seating, and other flammable surfaces. At least 72 inches of overhead clearance is recommended from the top of the burner. Although a fire pit can be located on a wood deck or balcony, it should be lighted and used with care, and only when constant adult supervision is present.


Our Exterior Design Guides will help you find distinctive ways to create a backyard setting that is the envy of the neighborhood. Our various fire pit product lines will stoke your imagination so you can transform even a small backyard into an all-season paradise.

At Paddy O’, it is our core purpose to guide you to your patio bliss so you can share good times with family and friends. We know the value in building lasting memories, and we believe every family should have beautiful outdoor “rooms” that showcase the setting and complement the home’s architectural style and environment. Our fire pits are easy to clean and maintain and are designed to withstand varied weather conditions. They will stand the test of time, both in durability and enjoyment.

Visit one of the seven Paddy O’ Furniture showrooms in the greater Phoenix area, or stop by our showroom in Nashville and allow us to introduce you to the latest product lines for fire pits, tabletops, furniture, cushions and pillows, and accessories to make outdoor living an enjoyable reality.

We offer personalized design and planning consultations for your outdoor space, which can take place in our showrooms, at your home, or through telephone or video conferencing.

Paddy O’ welcomes your inquiries. Simply use this form to get in touch with us.

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