Design Ideas for a Backyard

Best Design Ideas for a Backyard with a Pool

The best backyard design ideas are those that account for the whole area. Your pool is undoubtedly the main focal point, but there are ways to enhance the surrounding space – even if you wish there was more of it. We'll give you a few simple ideas to organize your sitting areas, upgrade your landscaping, and outfit the yard with everything you need to be comfortable.

Fill Up on Plants

A lot of backyards with pools are light on grass and heavy on pavement. But just because there isn't a lot of space for a traditional garden doesn't mean you have to skimp on the greenery. If you're looking to conserve water, consider adding succulents in pots like Jade plant, widows-thrill, agave, and echeveria and placing them on your coffee tables or end tables. These plants are as beautiful as they are practical, and they'll make your pool and patio furniture that much more welcoming.

Focus on the Practical

Whether you have a small or large pool, you want to be comfortable while you're outside. This means putting what you need at your fingertips. If you have a grill with a fridge and some counter space, consider positioning it where it will be convenient for people when transitioning in and out of the water. Some yards will be easier than others to set up. For example, you may have a large tree that provides natural shade over your deck chairs and cooking station (so long as the grill isn't near any low-hanging branches in case of a mishap). Your family and guests can lounge near the drinks and food for maximum comfort, and you can get a little relief from the sun when you're ready to cook. If you're not surrounded by trees though, consider a large, offset patio umbrella for coverage. (You may need to cluster several together to create a canopy effect.)

Add the Extras

Once you've tested out the layout a few times and had a few practice runs in the form of an informal Sunday pool party or two, consider adding a few extras. A fire pit, small bar area, or even a pizza oven are all relatively inexpensive ways to give your backyard a little more luxury. Plus, you'll save money when you have friends over for the night rather than heading out for a pub crawl. When it comes to the design, experts recommend placing the extras in such a way where it's visible from the interior of the home without violating safety standards. (Like the grill, you're aiming to avoid setting any foliage aflame with a pizza oven or fire pit.) The more indoor guests and residents can see the outdoor attractions, the more likely they are to use them.

Arrange the Seating

Once you know where you want to place all the main congregation points of the backyard, you'll need to consider how the seating is arranged. It may seem somewhat arbitrary, but the seating you have has a lot to do with how guests and family members interact with one another. Deck chairs around the pool should be plentiful and comfortable. They should be close enough so that people can chat but far enough away for guests to feel like they have some space. Circular fire pits or double-sided fireplaces allow people to gather around the heat source rather than just one side of it, making them perfect for bigger parties. You should also consider how traffic is likely to flow. If you create purposeful pathways with your furniture, you'll start to see how this directs your guests and helps keep a normal distribution of people rather than overcrowding certain areas. Most yards will allow for at least one main area with a larger sofa and ottoman, but you can also consider setting up small tables with chairs near the corners of the pools for additional seating options. An outdoor candle in the center of a small table can be especially inviting for those who would prefer to avoid the heat of a fire pit. Or place reclining lounge chairs with end tables in between. Use a circular sofa around a circular firepit to keep a cohesive design pattern.

Encourage Outdoor Eating

Eating a burger with your toes dipped in the water can certainly be a great way to enjoy the meal, but some guests would prefer to sit at a dining table if there's room for it. We recommend using lots of cushions around the table to encourage everyone to kick off their shoes and stay awhile. When it comes to positioning the dining room table, look for a space that can be covered if you don't have a standard overhang courtest of your home. A sail shade canopy or tilt patio umbrella can be used if you need to create your own shade.

Best Backyard Design Ideas with Paddy O' Furniture

Your friends and family will still have fun at your home and in your pool even if its design leaves much to be desired. But there's no reason to leave it as-is when you can make a few tweaks and make it that much more comfortable for everyone. For some homeowners, the design of their yard is a cinch. It only takes them a minute to fully envision the patterns before they start taking the practical steps to make it happen. But for others, the design process is elusive at best. If you have questions about how to create a better design for your yard, Paddy O' Furniture can help. We offer free outdoor environment design services and space planning to whip your backyard into shape. No matter what kind of pool you have and what the surrounding landscape looks like, we help you pick the right furniture, color, and fabric for your needs. Schedule an appointment over videoconference or in person and get the advice you need to make smarter decisions.
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