Backyard Design: 10-Step Process for Planning a Renovation
Imagine a sunny fall afternoon at home: you head out to your backyard garden to see how your tomatoes are growing. Then you head up to the covered patio to enjoy an iced tea, taking in the scenery and enjoying your outdoor oasis. When your backyard is functional, beautiful, and ideal for your family, you get to embrace outdoor living and make beautiful memories together.
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Patio Chair Inspiration for Outdoor Dining
One of the many things we love about our hometown of Phoenix, Arizona is the ability to dine outdoors almost any time of year. Being outside on the patio with friends and family and a delicious meal is our happy place. If your outdoor dining area isn’t looking very inviting these days, a furniture refresh might not be a bad idea.
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Styling Your Backyard for a 4th of July Party
Holidays are the perfect time to invite family and friends over to create new memories together. Every host wants their backyard space to be warm and inviting so their guests feel comfortable and welcome. An area for fun and games is also important! Here are some ideas for styling your backyard for a 4th of July party.
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What Size Do Patio Umbrellas Come in?

Patio umbrellas are a great way to finish off the design of your patio and provide shade from the sun in the summer. Most furnished backyards feature several umbrellas in well-appointed areas, especially in Arizona. There are a variety of styles and sizes to choose from when buying a patio umbrella. When completing your outdoor décor, here’s what to look for.

Patio Umbrellas

What size do patio umbrellas come in?

When purchasing an umbrella for the patio, the measurements can seem confusing at first. This is because patio umbrellas are not measured in height. The measurement is not taken from the bottom of the pole to the top of the pole. An umbrella is measured in width.    

To properly measure an umbrella, first, make sure it’s fully opened. Then, measure the distance from the top point out to the end of a rib arm. Multiply that measurement by two and you will have an accurate measurement of the umbrella.

Another important umbrella measurement is the height of the crank. This measurement is in fact determined by height. From the bottom of the pole (without the base), measure straight up to the bottom of the crank. This measurement is helpful if you’ll be using the umbrella in a dining table. You’ll want to make sure the crank height is above the table.  

What size patio umbrella should I buy?

Before purchasing a patio umbrella, think about how much space you have and your desired amount of shade. Will you be shading one chair or several? Will the umbrella be used to shade a pool? How much space do you have? Considering these questions will help you determine the right umbrella(s) for your space.

Generally, you’ll want an umbrella to reach beyond the space you’re trying to shade. So, if you’re hoping to provide shade for two large club chairs, you’ll want the umbrella to shade about a foot or two beyond the chairs. This is also true for a dining table. You’ll want the umbrella to reach a couple of feet beyond the table.

When shopping for umbrellas, you’ll most commonly see the diameter measurement advertised. For example, 9’ Deluxe Auto Tilt. The diameter is 9 feet. The most common umbrella sizes include:

Small: 6-8 feet 

This size is ideal for 2-seater bistro sets, single pool loungers, or small 4-person dining sets. 

Medium: 9-11 feet 

A medium size is perfect for 4-person dining sets that are bulkier. For example, one with club chairs. For a 6-person rectangle dining set, go for a 10-foot option. 

Large: 11 feet or larger 

A large umbrella can cover 8-14-person dining sets and conversation sets. Cantilever umbrellas are a great option to shade a lounge area or a pool because they provide optimal shade without a bulky base being in the way.


Shop for Patio Umbrellas at Paddy O’ Furniture 

If possible, we recommend purchasing your patio umbrellas in person. While you may be able to obtain exact measurements online, it’s not quite the same as seeing the size in person.

If you believe in beautiful and functional pieces that last for years, then you’re ready to explore our selection of luxury outdoor furniture and accessories. Shop online or visit us at one of our Arizona locations.

Best Materials for Patio Furniture to Withstand Any Season [Infographic]
The quality patio furniture that you’ll find at Paddy O’ Furniture is built to last for many years. Because we design and import our own furniture, we are able to invest in professional-grade, high-quality materials that add tremendous value to our unique designs. When buying luxury outdoor furniture that will withstand any season, look for these high-quality materials.
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How to Style Your Outdoor Furniture Set
The quality patio furniture that you’ll find at Paddy O’ Furniture is designed and built to last for many years. That’s why our customers choose to purchase a complete set from us, including plush seating, dining, lounging, and accessories.
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How to Choose Patio Furniture for Your Lifestyle
Do you love to entertain in your backyard? How about enjoying the sunrise with a cup of coffee? When your backyard is outfitted with the right furniture, you’re more inclined to enjoy all of life’s moments, from small intimate dinners to large neighborhood gatherings.
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Outdoor Patio Decor Ideas
If you’ve recently styled your patio with luxurious, high-quality furniture, the next step is to add some stylish décor. Outdoor patio décor is your chance to add your personal design style to your space. If you’re stuck on where to start, we have some helpful ideas to get you started.
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Create Your Dream Backyard for the Big Game
You know that big football game coming up? This much-anticipated sporting event is the perfect opportunity to create your dream backyard for entertaining guests. Creating an ambiance for a fun time includes having comfortable seating, lounge spaces, and a place to set drinks and snacks. Not to mention, optimal views of the television.
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Innovative Outdoor Living Spaces for the Holidays
Oh, the holidays. It’s our favorite time of year to decorate the patio. We love putting up the tree and lighting the candles inside, but outside is just as fun— and often forgotten! —when it comes to decorating.
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