Protect Your Outdoor Furniture

How To Protect Your Outdoor Furniture During The Summer

Protecting your patio furniture is something you may not consider when you first bring it home. But when the first summer storm hits and you’re frantically chasing your patio furniture around in the wind, you’ll realize that you won’t want the monsoons ruining your beautiful outdoor furniture. Summer is known for al fresco dining, pool parties, and other outdoor events. It’s why we love helping our customers outfit their backyards with stylish, high-quality outdoor furniture. Summer weather, however, is not without its pitfalls. A major summer storm can literally turn your tables upside down. And don’t get us started on the heat. Taking care of your furniture year-round will help it withstand the couple months of inclement weather conditions. Plus, proper care will make a noticeable difference in the look of your furniture. Instead of dull and dusty, you’ll have shiny and sleek-looking furniture.


All-weather wicker, also known as resin wicker, is designed to withstand the elements of nature, which makes care easier. The type of wicker we use provides superior durability because of the HDPE construction that has a special UV boost to protect against harmful rays. If you’ve invested in quality products, you worry less about upkeep. If you do notice your wicker furniture is dirty, a basic soap and water mixture will do the trick. Simply use a rag with some soap and warm water to wash off dirt. Rinse thoroughly with water and wipe dry. Wicker can be stored outside year-round, but consider purchasing a furniture cover to further increase longevity. Covers should be placed over your furniture during extended periods of time when you won’t be using it.


Paddy O’ Furniture is home of the Bliss Cushion, known for its high-quality materials and fabrics that withstand the elements of nature. They are UV tested and proven, and protected by a Crypton barrier; an amazingly protective barrier that makes the fabric of our Bliss Cushions waterproof, extremely stain resistant, dust-proof and anti-microbial. If you happen to notice dirt and residue build-up on your cushions, use a dry or damp rag to wipe them off. We recommend a more thorough bi-annual cleaning of 99% warm water 1% Tide Laundry detergent with a soft bristle brush to lift dirt. Rinse thoroughly! Even though the Bliss Cushions are extremely durable, store cushions inside during a summer storm to lessen cleaning efforts or a heat wave to increase longevity. If you won’t be using your furniture for an extended period of time, you might consider covering up your cushions or moving them inside. Metal furniture frames, tables and umbrella stands can be hosed down or wiped with a damp rag. It’s important to do this about twice a year to prevent residue build-up and prolong the life of your furniture. Avoid abrasive cleaners, bleach products and harsh chemicals that may cause damage to the finish. For hard-water stains try using a nine-parts warm water with one-part distilled white-vinegar solution to help remove it.

Should I Use Furniture Covers?

For those who want to preserve the original quality and increase the longevity of their outdoor furniture, covers are an excellent option. Especially when inclement weather is in the forecast, covers can protect your furniture from rain, sun, wildlife and other outdoor elements. For everyday scenarios, covers can serve a purpose. If you like to have your morning coffee on the patio, for example, a furniture cover will ensure your table is clean and dry.

How Do I Clean Spills On Outdoor Cushions?

Summer is the season for spending time outdoors! Whether you’re having grandkids over to swim or hosting a family dinner, there’s bound to be some mishaps. Spills happen, but luckily our Bliss Cushions have a protective defense layer that makes them extremely stain resistant, dust-proof and anti-microbial. For most spills, you can simply wipe away or pick up the cushion and shake it off. If you do need to spot clean a stain, take nine -parts warm water and one-part bleach, spray the area, and gently work the stain out with a soft bristle brush, rinsing thoroughly! Repeat if necessary.

How Should I Store My Outdoor Furniture When Not In Use?

If you’re spending an extended amount of time away from home or you know that you won’t be using your outdoor furniture for a while, stowing cushions and covering furniture is your best bet. Cushions can be stored in a covered and dry location like a garage or shed. They can even be brought inside if you have an extra closet in your house. Other items like tables and chairs can be covered with a furniture cover. Umbrellas should also be stored under a covered area. Simply cover and store them in a protected area until you’re ready to use them again. This will ensure they don’t get blown over and cause any damage to your home.

When Should I Clean My Outdoor Furniture?

Before you kick off your summer, clean your outdoor furniture! This will help each piece of furniture withstand the elements of summer. Starting off the season with clean furniture is an important preventive measure so that your furniture stays looking its best for years to come. Many customers also like to clean their furniture before having guests over. This is personal preference but will go a long way in ensuring your guests enjoy themselves. Looking for more information or ready to shop? Come check us out at one of Paddy O’ Furniture’s locations or shop online for high-quality outdoor furniture.
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