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How Durable Is Resin Wicker? Discover the Paddy O’ Difference

At Paddy O’ Furniture, we design and develop all of our furniture collections to withstand the most severe weather conditions – from relentless heat and sunshine, to damp and rainy climates, and even frigid temperatures. We build long-lasting furniture so you can make memories with your family and friends for years to come. Our woven furniture collections are a popular look, and you can personalize your patio by adding colorful cushions and pillows as accents. Wicker’s organic feel can also bring out the natural elements that are present in your living space. Wicker actually refers to the process of weaving. It was an ancient technique that created sturdy objects from less-than-sturdy materials. Wicker items were woven with rattan, bamboo, reeds and other pliable, plant-based materials. Unfortunately, these natural materials can deteriorate over time when they are exposed to intensive sunlight, moisture, and extreme temperatures. When natural materials crack, the weave can start to unravel. Natural materials are also vulnerable to insect infestation. Today, a wide range of synthetic materials, often called resin wicker, can be used to reduce the deterioration of wicker. brown resin wicker

What Is Resin Wicker?

Resin wicker is the perfect material for outdoor furniture. It is also known as synthetic wicker and is sometimes called all-weather wicker. Resin wicker includes a variety of source materials, from nylon to polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and it has a longer lifespan than furniture made from vinyl or plastic. At Paddy O’ Furniture, you’ll hear us refer to our woven collections as high-density resin wicker. The material we use is made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE). It has the look of natural wicker, but it does not age, bend, or crack. Unlike PVC and similar materials, our HDPE resin wicker can be recycled. It is completely eco-friendly. Madison chaise lounges from Paddy O Furniture Madison Collection chaise lounges

What Makes Paddy O’s HDPE Wicker a Superior Choice?

HPDE is the material you want for your outdoor wicker furniture because it is engineered to withstand extreme weather conditions. It is resilient and strong, but also lightweight and easy to move. High-density resin is nonporous. It resists corrosion and does not absorb liquids. Its waterproof quality keeps it from cracking, from being damaged by insects and small pests, and from developing mold and mildew. It is also resistant to solvents and chemicals. Paddy O’s wicker collections are woven by hand, not machine woven, and we use 300% more UV protectant than most manufacturers. These extra UV inhibitors give our woven collections a durability against breaking, blistering, peeling, and discoloration. Another benefit of our HDPE wicker is that its color is mixed into the resin and becomes part of the material. This means scratches will not stand out and, should a frame experience some slight fading, the furniture’s overall appearance is not affected. HDPE wicker has far more tensile strength than other resins, which means it is resistant to being pulled apart. Our HDPE wicker will support body weights and movements without stretching or fracturing. The maintenance on HDPE resin furniture is extremely low. You can simply rinse the frames with water, and the pressure from a garden hose is usually sufficient, but some may prefer to use a soft bristle brush on specific spots. A mixture of water and a bit of mild soap will remove dust or any other grime. Paddy O’ Furniture’s protectant spray is perfect for conditioning and preserving your woven furniture. It helps you maintain the luster of the wicker’s finish, and keeps it looking fresh. A simple wipe down of your wicker furniture a few times a year will prolong its life. If you are not planning to use your furniture for more than a month, then covering your furniture will protect it from dust and stains that could be caused from tree sap or animals. inverness collection, sofa, chair and ottoman Inverness Collection club chair, ottoman and sofa

Finding the Perfect Resin Wicker Furniture for You

All-weather resin wicker has a refined look that adds warmth and personality. It can enhance the natural elements in your backyard. If you like the woven look in your outdoor decor, here are three of our collections that are popular.

Madison Collection

Madison Chair Woven Resin Wicker Collection from Paddy O Furniture Madison features a roasted-pecan weave. The gently-sloped arms are accented with an additional row of braided wicker that highlights the beautiful color of the frame and mixes expertly with the flat weave of the overall piece. And the Madison Collection comes with our exclusive Bliss Cushion, with 14 colors to choose from. The Madison dining set is a favorite.

Loire Valley Collection

Loire Valley Woven Resin Wicker Collection from Paddy O Furniture Loire Valley's beachwood weave adds an elegance to any outdoor living space, and the color you choose for its Bliss Cushions will give a unique and personalized aesthetic to your patio. The collection also offers a cushioned dining chair for alfresco meals and parties.

Ventana Collection

Woven Resin Wicker Ventana Collection at Paddy O Furniture Ventana’s comfort and style are unmatched. Its comfy, cushioned seating is integrated into its construction. Ventana can be accented with the full range of colors found in Bliss Pillows. And, yes, the fabric on the Bliss Pillows is dustproof, waterproof, and stain-resistant just like our exclusive Bliss Cushions. The Ventana club swivel rocker is so relaxing, you might want to stay outside all day.

Shop at Paddy O’ Furniture for Maximum Durability

At Paddy O’ Furniture, we don’t build cookie-cutter furniture, and you’ll only find our designs in our showrooms and on our website. We offer high-quality furniture to give you long-lasting value, and we back our collections with longer warranties than you’ll find on other outdoor furniture. Whether you visit us online, or in one of our showrooms, you will receive helpful, personalized service from our knowledgeable design professionals. Are you looking for the perfect all-weather resin wicker furniture for your home? We are here to help you select the right furniture for your aesthetic. We want to make your patio, balcony, backyard, deck, or pool the favorite place to be with your family and friends. Schedule your free design consultation today!
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