4 Outdoor Furniture Accessories You Need This Fall

4 Outdoor Furniture Accessories You Need This Fall

There’s something about the fall season that reinvigorates the soul. As summer temperatures reach their peak, cool breezy mornings and chilly moonlit evenings are on the horizon. If the upcoming season has you inspired, spending time outside is a great way to reconnect, find peace, and simply enjoy the company of a loved one. Make sure you have outdoor furniture accessories to retreat to: a cozy reading nook, a dining area for al fresco gatherings, or a place to sit around a fire and swap stories.

If you already have your outdoor space completely furnished, these outdoor furniture accessories are the perfect addition to elicit fun and relaxation this fall.

firepit next to a couch on a patio at sunset


What’s great about a firepit is that it defines a space. You can arrange comfortable seating around the firepit, or even install custom built-in benches. At Paddy O' Furniture, you can choose between a collection of stylish and modern rectangular or round designs. Each one also comes with 10 lbs of carefully selected fire pit glass to complete the look. Add some blankets and pillows and you’re set.

lounge chairs next to end table on small patio

End Tables

What’s great about an end table is that you probably don’t know you need one until you have it. Arrange a couple of end tables around a lounge area that can easily hold snacks and drinks. You can also display seasonal plants—and even pumpkins—on an end table next to your front door for a designer look to your entryway.

Throw Pillows

Put the finishing touch on an outdoor space with some accent pillows. Whether you’re looking for a colorful pattern or a neutral material, throw pillows bring everything together and provide extra comfort. Consider using throw pillows for extra seating on grass areas.

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It’s likely that you won’t have just one umbrella in your yard. Not only does an umbrella provide shade and protection, they also help define certain areas of your outdoor space. If you have an umbrella leftover from the summer, you might need a couple more in the areas you’ll be using more in the fall and winter. You’ll likely need one at your dining table to protect from weather and falling leaves. A lounging area is also a space that needs an umbrella or two.

Create the perfect fall retreat in your backyard with outdoor furniture accessories from Paddy O' Furniture. We offer a wide selection of high-quality furniture and accessories. Plus, we’ll ship it right to you. Shop online and get ready to cozy up.

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