How to Choose Patio Furniture for Your Lifestyle

Do you love to entertain in your backyard? How about enjoying the sunrise with a cup of coffee? When your backyard is outfitted with the right furniture, you’re more inclined to enjoy all of life’s moments, from small intimate dinners to large neighborhood gatherings. 

Before you choose patio furniture, think about how you want to use your outdoor space. Will you entertain? Will you have kids over? Is the pool a big part of your yard? Thinking about these types of questions will help you come up with a plan for your future backyard. Take this quick quiz to help you get started!



Question 1: How big is your family?

A: 2 people

B: 4 people

C: 6 + people


Question 2: How often does your family use your backyard?

A: Once or twice a month

B: Up to four times a month

C: Every day


Question 3: When you entertain, how many people are usually in attendance?

A: Under 10 people

B: 10-20 people

C: 20 + people


Question 4: How often do you entertain?

A: Occasionally

B: Once or twice a month

C: Every week


Question 5: What time of day do you entertain?

A: Evenings

B: Afternoons/Mornings

C: Both



Mostly As and Bs


For households with smaller families and less entertaining going on, check out patio conversation sets, bistro tables, and club chairs. These types of furniture pieces allow for intimate moments for two and can be configured to accommodate small group gatherings.

Mostly Bs and Cs


Coordinated collections are ideal for large areas that get a lot of use. Sectionals, loveseats, and sofas with plush seating are ideal for lounging and even casual dining. A formal dining table is a must for any entertainer. Add a bar cart and you’ve got yourself an entertainer’s paradise. 

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