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Dekton Worry-Free Tabletops for Your Patio Bliss




Scratch Resistant | Fade Resistant | Flame Resistant | Scorch Resistant | Nonporous | No Grout | No Sealing | 15-year Warranty

Dekton uses sinterized particle technology – a process that mimics the metamorphic change in natural stone from high temperatures and pressure over thousands of years. For this reason, Dekton offers an unmatched durability.

Dekton is perfect for outdoor surfaces that endure relentless sunshine. It has an extremely high UV resistance and will not fade, degrade or discolor over time. It’s regularly used on the sides of skyscrapers.

Hot pans and appliances like air fryers can be set directly on the surface without any worry of it burning, scorching or cracking. Dekton is the perfect top for firepits.

Because it is the most scratch resistant material on the market, knives and other sharp utensils will not scratch Dekton.

While natural stone and other surfaces show wear over time, Dekton’s finish will last for years and never needs to be resurfaced or re-finished – true tabletop bliss!

In addition to style and durability, you’re also getting peace of mind with a 15-Year Warranty. Enjoy Dekton for years to come without worry.

Highlights of Dekton Tabletops include:

  • Three Beautiful and Stylish Finishes
  • UV, Scratch, Fade, Scorch and Flame Resistant
  • Nonporous and Stain Proof
  • 15-Year Warranty
  • Available in Every Table Size

Add Dekton to Your Existing Paddy O’ Furniture

Paddy O’ offers a Dekton upgrade for tables and firepits with existing Newport and Rockport bases.

Previous purchases of Paddy O’s Newport or Rockport tabletops can add Dekton tops for only the price of the Dekton top, plus a 20% surcharge and a service call fee.

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