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What’s Trending: Top Patio Decorating Ideas this Summer

Dining al fresco and entertaining outdoors is what summer is all about. Decorating your patio to function for your family should be a top priority when it comes to creating your outdoor oasis. Your patio should be stylish and inviting for optimal outdoor fun. That’s why we’ve assembled some of the top patio decorating ideas we’re seeing this summer. The top patio decor trends include:
  1. Neutral Colors
  2. Fire Pits
  3. Indoor/Outdoor Living
  4. Mixing Materials
  5. Modular Furniture

Neutral Colors

Part of the appeal of entertaining and playing outside is embracing all that nature has to offer. Reflecting the colors of nature with the colors of your furniture cushions and accent pieces is a wonderful way to honor your surroundings. A deep blue is a great option for seat cushions. Then add a pop of burnt orange or red with throw pillows or rugs.

Fire Pits

When the sun goes down, enjoying a cool summer night around a fire pit is another top trend this year. With many people dining outdoors, it’s a natural evolution to make your way to the fire pit for some s’mores and late-night chats. If you don’t have built-in seating, club chairs are a great option for fire pit seating.

Indoor/Outdoor Living

Blending the inside with the outside is another trend this summer. When the weather permits, allowing doors to stay open is ideal for a breezy afternoon. Using wicker and wood furniture in the living room and on the deck gives the illusion that it’s one big room. Extending indoor living onto the deck includes having an outdoor kitchen and dining area complete with a large seating area.

Mixing Materials

No longer do you have to worry about matching all your furniture thanks to this design trend. Mixing wicker, wood, and aluminum materials are perfectly acceptable and even encouraged. Some furniture even uses two different materials in the same collection, so the mixing is already done for you.

Modular Furniture

This trend is all about furniture that can be arranged or pieced together a few different ways. Think about how you can use ottomans as extra seating or arrange a couple of side tables together to create a bench. Use a sectional as one large piece or as a few different seating areas depending on your entertaining needs. One thing that never goes out of style is high-quality furniture. At Paddy O' Furniture, we use high-quality materials and fabrics that are made to last. Shop online where you’ll find our large selection of outdoor furniture and accessories.
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