Patio Furniture Cushions

What's Inside Your Patio Furniture Cushions

Chances are when you are picking out cushions for new patio furniture you don't think about what's inside of them. It’s the design and color that tends to grab the attention of buyers. Once home, though, the curiosity sets in -- What is inside those patio furniture cushions?

Indoor Foam with Fluffed Polyester Fibers

This is a common material for both indoor and outdoor furniture. Manufacturers put polyester material on an indoor core and then wrap everything in a water-resistant shell for outdoor products. Polyester fibers provide comfort that lasts and the fluffy format means they are soft, too. The shell is made from breathable material that keeps the core dry when it rains but doesn’t affect the feel of the cushion or how it looks. This is what our Bliss seat is made up of.

Reticulated Foam

Also called open cell foam, the reticulated foam does not hold water, so no shell is necessary. The material wicks the water, so it flows through the core instead of getting trapped there. The open cell foam is made from polyester fibers fused together to create a soft, comfortable cushion. The reticulated foam has the added benefit of being more resilient than traditional indoor foam. The combination of resiliency and the ability to wick water makes open cell foam potentially a better choice.

Polyester Fiber Minus the Foam

The foam core works to give cushions their shape but the fused polyester fiber without the foam is an alternative some manufacturers prefer. Wet polyester fibers dry quickly. Some cushions also come with a water-resistant shell for extra weather protection, like our Bliss back cushions. The Waterproof Barrier by Crypton protects the fabric from water, dust and gives it an anti-microbial covering, so the filling lasts long and extends the lifespan of the cushion. Learn more about our Bliss Cushion by visiting our website.
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