The Patriot Collection in Brazilian walnut

Top Benefits of EcoLumber™ – High-Quality HDPE Outdoor Furniture

Spring weather has most people thinking about spending more time outdoors. As part of Earth Day 2022, is asking people to invest in the planet. At Paddy O’ Furniture we are making an investment in Ecolumber™, a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) material, and using it to build furniture that will help customers find their patio bliss. It’s a win-win situation as we keep plastics out of landfills and the ocean and, instead, make furniture that is aesthetically beautiful and practically everlasting. Furniture made from HDPE lumber is a rapidly expanding segment of the outdoor furniture industry because it holds up so well in extreme climates, requires little to no maintenance, and is environmentally friendly. Manufacturers use a variety of recycled materials, like plastics from milk jugs and detergent bottles, to create aesthetically pleasing, high-quality HDPE lumber for outdoor furniture. First created in the early 90s, HDPE plastic lumber is now nearly as popular as aluminum and wrought iron in patio furniture sales. Paddy O’ Furniture provides quality outdoor furniture to customers in Phoenix and Nashville, and our collections are available across the U.S. via our online store. With the addition of the Patriot Collection, Paddy O’ Furniture makes sustainable outdoor furniture available to patio enthusiasts everywhere. Our Patriot frames are manufactured in the USA with Ecolumber, which comes in a variety of colors and patented wood grains from Tangent Materials. Tangent’s colors and realistic grains go all the way through the lumber. If the frame were to be scratched, you would not notice it; and if the frame were to fade, it would still universally look pleasing. The Patriot Collection allows our customers to support workers in America, while making a positive impact on the environment. Read on to learn more about the top benefits of sustainable furniture and how the Patriot Collection is an exciting addition to Paddy O’s existing collections. hdpe outdoor furniture | Patriot Collection Black Paddy O Furniture

Outdoor Furniture Made with EcoLumber Is Durable

You may be wondering if furniture made from recycled plastic is strong enough to withstand years of outdoor use and exposure. The answer is a resounding yes! HDPE lumber is made with a solitary polymer that has been purified. Each piece is manufactured to exact specifications, meaning that each piece is just as strong as the last, just as strong as the next – there is a uniformity in quality and a consistency for manufacturing. Plastic lumber excels in areas where wood can fail. We like to call it a worry-free wood. Our Ecolumber furniture is resistant to a variety of environmental stressors. Inspired by nature and crafted from durable, all-weather HDPE polymers, Ecolumber furniture looks and acts like real wood. Its realistic wood grains and hand-built construction provide long-lasting value, in fact, Patriot comes with a 25-year warranty – the longest warranty for any of our furniture frames.

Low-Maintenance Option to Enjoy Your Outdoor Time

In addition to being resilient, Ecolumber furniture is low maintenance. Because it is made of a polymer, HDPE “wood,” it is naturally resistant to liquids and oils, and is not susceptible to infestations from insects and boring animals. With Ecolumber outdoor furniture, you don’t have to worry about fungi, salt spray or any other environmental stresses that typically mar outdoor furniture made from teak and other woods. There is no need for waterproofing, painting, staining, or similar maintenance. Your time with Ecolumber furniture will be spent enjoying the outdoors, year after year.

Reduces Cleaning Requirements

No one really wants to spend time wiping down outdoor furniture. One of the main benefits of Ecolumber furniture is how effortless it is to clean and keep clean. With just soap and water, or simply a gentle pressure washing, your furniture is ready for you and guests..

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

Sustainable outdoor furniture is not the single solution to climate change, but you can make a positive impact on the world by purchasing products made from materials that are sustainable and eco-friendly. HDPE products contribute to less deforestation, while keeping plastic out of landfills. HDPE lumber can also be recycled – an additional ten times – but because of its inherent longevity, the need to recycle HDPE lumber is low. Paddy O’ Furniture supports sustainability. We have reduced our company’s carbon footprint and created additional jobs for Americans. Shopping locally and purchasing products made from Ecolumber has a positive effect on the environment. Mature woman lounging on hdpe outdoor furniture | Paddy O' Furniture

Ecolumber Furniture is Weather-Proof

HDPE outdoor furniture gets high ratings when it comes to weather resistance. The frames will not rot, splinter, nor crack because they do not absorb moisture, and the finish comes with built-in UV protection. Whether you leave your Ecolumber furniture in full sun or keep it covered, you can rest assured that your furniture will not deteriorate over time.

Provides a Beautiful and Versatile Outdoor Space for Your Family

The Patriot Collection from Paddy O’ Furniture is inspired by nature and looks like real wood. A wood-grain finish is available with colors like Brazilian walnut and coastal gray. We don’t want our customers to sacrifice beauty for function and versatility. And the Patriot Collection comes with Paddy O’s exclusive Bliss Cushions. Our comfortable and durable Bliss Cushions are also made in the USA, and they come in 14 fabric colors that allow you to personalize your outdoor spaces. Imagine spending summer days by the pool in the Patriot Padded Sling Chaise Lounge. Pair the chaise with the Patriot Square End Table, and your book and beverage will always be close by. Or snuggle into your Patriot Loveseat when the mood is right. Regardless of your outdoor furniture needs, our Patriot Collection is an excellent choice for worry-free, long-lasting value.

Design Your Unique Outdoor Space

With Paddy O’s variety in cushion colors, you can find Bliss Cushions to fit any décor, from modern to farmhouse chic. Best of all, Bliss Cushions feature outstanding construction for maximum comfort with conforming support. The stain-resistant and waterproof Bliss fabrics are exclusive to Paddy O’ Furniture and will withstand the most extreme weather conditions. Our high-quality furnishings ensure your outdoor space will be everything you’ve dreamed of – and more. You will save money in the long run when you purchase sustainable Ecolumber furniture from Paddy O’ Furniture. You’ll have the pleasing appearance of natural wood and enjoy the sturdy craftsmanship and gorgeous design of our Patriot Collection. The Patriot Collection in Brazilian walnut

Worry-Free Shopping With Paddy O’ Furniture

Paddy O’ Furniture extends Worry-Free Guarantees to all of our products, including:
  • 30-day exchange program (exchange for any reason)
  • 7-day return program
  • Full 5-year warranty on each Bliss Cushion
  • Full 25-year warranty on Patriot Collection frames
Our core purpose is to help our customers find their patio bliss – and purchasing sustainable outdoor furniture is one way to make that happen. Customers can take advantage of Paddy O’s White Glove Delivery on all furniture purchases, including the Patriot Collection. Sit back and relax while your products are delivered and arranged in your outdoor living space. All purchases come with outstanding service and customer care. If you’re interested in learning more about what we can offer you, we invite you to browse our website or contact us with your questions today.
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