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Top 5 Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Propane Firepit

A propane firepit is an exciting addition to any patio, one that can pay off in countless hours of leisure, relaxing outside and fully enjoying every inch of your home. However, it’s important to know what you’re looking for, otherwise your firepit may become nothing more than a decorative table. At Paddy O’ Furniture, we know there are plenty of firepit styles and sizes to choose from. Large, small, tall, portable, ornate, round, square, slat top – the list goes on. Knowing what you want before you begin your search can save you time and energy. It can even save you money because you’ll end up with something that complements your patio and lasts for many years. Here are the top five things to consider before buying a propane firepit.


The size and height of the firepit will have a lot to do with how it functions for your needs. Standard, round firepits are typically anywhere from 24” to 54” in diameter (though they can be larger), and rectangular-shaped firepits come in a variety of dimensions. Height is important when choosing your firepit. For balconies, a taller 38” height with balcony barstool chairs can be the perfect fit. If you plan to dine around the flame, choose a firepit that is at least 29” tall. And if you’re just looking for an evening of relaxing conversation, a 23” to 26” Occasional, or Chat, firepit will serve your needs nicely. Whatever height you select, remember to have a clearance of at least 72” from the top of the burner. When considering your outdoor setup, take in the totality of the space available. A firepit will not heat an entire patio. The people sitting closest to the flame will feel its warmth. You may need to select a larger firepit for six or more guests. A smaller propane firepit with a weathered look can be perfect for quiet nights spent with the kids, while a larger ombre retractable firepit can be used for bigger parties.


Typically, you want to keep a firepit table about 10 feet away from any structures, including the house or a fence, and we mentioned earlier about having at least 72” of clearance above your firepit’s burner. Some neighborhoods have regulations that stipulate very specific requirements. You need to think about safety standards from a number of angles. For example, if you’re choosing a rectangular slat top firepit, you’ll need to keep in mind exactly how the rectangle will be placed and how the different side lengths may limit where you place it. You can put a firepit table on grass, as long as the area is level, firm and dry and the furniture that you’re using to surround the firepit has wide feet. Once you’ve considered safety, you’ll want to think about how people move through your yard and where you want traffic to flow. For instance, after a meal, if you want people to move from the outdoor dining table to the firepit for s’mores, then it might make sense to place the firepit near the table at an angle. This way, people can look forward to relaxing and enjoying their dessert. You should also keep in mind how the firepit is going to be used on a nightly basis. If you’re planning to nosh next to your fire, you’ll want the firepit table a short walking distance from the indoors so you can easily refill a drink or replenish food.


The color, material, and shape of the firepit will have a lot to do with your current backyard design, as well as the overall look and feel of your space. A concrete gray firepit will blend in perfectly with many outdoor looks, while a stone firepit might work better if your patio has more of a modern design. Keep in mind that each material has its own quirks. Brick or cement are going to last a while, but may stain. Powder-coated metal is also durable, but it can get warm to the touch. Natural stone looks amazing but, if it’s not maintained properly, it can crack. At Paddy O’ Furniture, we build our firepits to practically any style you can imagine. Our 54” round balcony firepit is built with a durable ceramic tile, but it looks like reclaimed wood. Propane firepits have burner pans that are typically filled with decorative fireproof materials to cover the burners. This is usually some type of colored glass, although it can be decorative ceramic balls or lava rock, too. What you choose will have a lot to do with the style you prefer. Big bold colors might fit in perfectly with a yard full of flowers and colorful cushions, while a more neutral selection may be more suitable for understated backyards.


There is a convenience when it comes to choosing a portable propane firepit. Not only will you be able to redesign your backyard whenever you want, but you can also quickly move it out of the way as needed and then put it right back. If portability is not important, you can also convert a propane firepit to natural gas.


Adirondack chairs, love seats, sectionals, wicker chairs, balcony stools - the type of seating you choose will have a lot to do with the type of firepit you choose and how you plan to use it. A big sectional or simple sofa encourages people to get cozy. Wicker chairs will give your yard a rustic look.

Find the Right Propane Firepit at Paddy O’ Furniture

Paddy O’ Furniture is known for lasting quality and style. We design and develop our furniture. No matter what type of backyard you’re looking to create, finding something that will work won’t be a problem as you browse our collections. We have the styles and selection you need to enjoy more nights in the open air. Check out our firepit selection online or visit one of our showrooms in the Phoenix Metro Area or Nashville today.
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