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Tips For Picking Out the Perfect Patio Club Chair

If you want to make better use of your outdoor spaces, or maybe just want to give your patio a makeover, finding the right furniture is paramount. A club chair adds an iconic look to any space. It's an upgrade that can give your patio a sophisticated and modern appearance, but still keep it functional and comfortable. The question isn’t should you have patio club chairs, but how do you pick them? There is a lot to consider when buying any outdoor furniture. What should you search for in the perfect patio club chair? We’ll go into more detail.

What is a Club Chair?

The club chair got its start in France during the Art Deco era. It is a style of chair that has clean but flexible lines. Indoors, they are typically leather armchairs that once populated smoking rooms. It was a place for men to sit and enjoy a cigar and some lively conversation. The patio club chair has some of the same appeal. Although they are no longer designed as a place to sit and smoke, they still are an excellent option for conversation seating. They are something you tend to buy in pairs to create areas where people can sit and talk. madison club swivel chairs Madison Club Swivel Chair Set Of course, the outdoor patio club chair has a different design than the old-school leather armchairs. Today’s outdoor club chair comes with or without arms. They usually have cushions on the seat and the back, and the fabric is sturdy enough to handle the challenges that come with outdoor life. What else should you look for in the perfect patio club chair?

Start With the Size of The Chair

Size is always the first consideration when shopping for outdoor furniture. A patio or balcony are very distinctive spaces with definite size limitations. Club chairs tend to be smaller than many types of outdoor furniture, so they are a practical choice for outdoor living. Consider how much space you have to fill. Can you only fit one club chair, or are you able to consider a set of two or more? Also, who is most likely to use these chairs? They can be a tight fit for some. Ideally, you will choose a patio club chair that is roomy enough for everyone in the house to sit in comfortably, especially if this is the only seating option on your patio. Edge Hill Club Chair Edge Hill Club Recliner Most club chairs will have a weight capacity. Look for something that can support up to 350 pounds to ensure it is safe for everyone that might come to your home. If you need a little more room, consider matching the club chairs with a loveseat or cuddle lounger.

Patio Decor Theme

If you already have outdoor furniture, or plan to buy more than one piece, take the decor into consideration. Patio club chairs come in a variety of styles and colors. If you prefer a rustic look, maybe you want chairs made with wicker. A simple metal design might be a better option if you prefer a more modern look. Rancho Club swivel chairs Rancho Club Swivel Chair Set When shopping in person, bring pictures of your current patio setup so you can match the chairs you buy with what you currently have. Also, if possible, bring a fabric swatch or small throw pillow with you to make sure the fabric and color fit your style.

Consider Your Weather Challenges

Whether you live in a tropical paradise or somewhere where rain and snow are always a possibility, you want outdoor patio furniture that is durable. The original indoor club chairs always had leather upholstery, but the outdoor versions typically have fabric cushions. Shop for material that is waterproof and stain-resistant. You will also want a fabric that is UV tested to ensure the color won’t fade in the sun. The Bliss Cushion by Paddy O’ Furniture offers a revolutionary fabric made with Crypton®, which makes the cushions:
  • Waterproof
  • Dust-proof
  • Anti-microbial
  • Stain-resistant
With these cushions on your patio club chairs, you have something durable and easy to clean. They also come in a variety of vibrant colors – there’s an option for any taste. The Bliss Cushion’s superior construction offers firm lumbar support in addition to resort-style comfort. They are available only on the Paddy O’ Furniture Bliss Collections. If you must leave your patio furniture outside during bad weather, buy fitted, weather-resistant covers to protect them. They are available for all sizes of furniture, everything from club chairs to outdoor sofas to umbrellas.

What About Storage?

In some areas of the country, you will want to store your outdoor furniture during the cold months to protect it from the weather. Look for patio club chairs with cushions that you can remove to make storage easier. They should be lightweight so you can move them around easily. Patriot Club Chair Patriot Club Chair If storing the frame of the chair isn’t an option, look for quality pieces made to withstand harsh outdoor climates. You still want cushions that you can remove and put away to keep them safe.

Focus On Accessories

Once you find the perfect patio club chair pairing, consider what you need to accessorize it. If you are setting up conversation groups on your patio, consider putting a small table between your patio chairs for drinks and design elements like plants. Also, add a moveable umbrella or two to your patio setup so you can have protection from the sun no matter where you sit. Place a stylish outdoor rug under the chairs for added comfort and polish, then add a few pillows for a pop of color. Now, tack on a firepit for warmth and ambiance, and your patio will become your favorite place to be all year round. Patio club chairs are great additions to any outdoor space, but they are also an investment. Buying from a trusted source like Paddy O’ Furniture ensures you get durable quality as well as long-lasting comfort. Check us out online or visit one of our showrooms in Arizona or Tennessee to learn more about top-of-the-line outdoor furniture.
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