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Tips for Hosting an Epic Outdoor Party For the Big Game

With the Big Game just around the corner, many people are planning their epic football parties. Whether there is a slight chill in the air or you have mild temperatures during the winter months, you can move that big party outside. Setting up an outdoor party requires a certain amount of know-how, though, and if this is your first, you will quickly learn that planning is essential. An epic party is not that difficult if you think ahead. It starts with having the right furniture in place; then, you can move on to decor and dinnerware.

Setting Up the Perfect View

The most obvious challenge is how to show the Big Game and other festivities outside so everyone can enjoy them. The television will be the focus of the party, so first decide how to move the game outside and then decide where to put the screen. man leaning forward sitting on patio chair Newer homes may already be outfitted with outdoor entertainment centers that include media components like speakers and TV screens. For a one-time setup, there are numerous options for an outdoor big game party. There are televisions that are built specifically for outdoor use. They tend to be expensive, but if watching sporting events, movies, or binging on your favorite television series in the open-air appeals to you, you might consider making the investment. Some people simply put a regular flatscreen TV outside. Although many manufacturers do not recommend this, there are ways to protect a TV from nature’s elements by mounting it under a protective overhang, or placing it in a weather-protective cabinet. Often the TV is moved indoors when not in use. Another option is to project the game onto a screen. Outdoor light can hinder the definition and quality of the television broadcast. Placing the screen in an area that escapes the sun’s glare, in a darker corner or under a canopy, will improve your guests’ experience. Most projector systems will have speakers, but a few well-placed outdoor wireless speakers will improve the game for everyone. Even if you want an outdoor party, you might also consider setting up a viewing location inside for those who prefer indoor seating. It will help to break up the groupings and give your guests options.

Outdoor Furniture Can Make or Break Your Epic Event

Next, figure out how to place your seating around the outdoor screen. It’s important to provide comfortable seating for everyone at the party. It is a long game, after all. Consider some ideas for groupings that include a variety of seating styles. You will choose how many you need based on how many people will be attending your party. group of people with arms in the air cheering For instance, you might set up one or more curved sectionals in front of the screen. Think of an auditorium with seats that curve around a stage. This will give your party participants comfortable places to sit with a good view of the screen—add a coffee table or two in front of the sectionals for drinks and snacks. Tack on some club swivel gliders for special guests like grandparents. That way they can sit comfortably, without sharing their space. You might lay out a few outdoor rugs with floor pillows on them in front of the screen for kids. That will give them a special place to sit and play while the adults can still keep an eye on them. Behind the sectionals, set up table and chair patio sets for those more interested in chatting than watching the game. This will give people a place to sit and eat too.

Establish a Grilling and Food Station

One of the most crucial aspects of an epic party is the cuisine. Game-day football classics include wings, pizza, chili and lots of finger foods. If you have room for an outdoor grill, you’ll want hot dogs and hamburgers too. Creating a separate area for eating will encourage people to keep the food there, making your clean-up easier. You can set up a few balcony tables to hold your food and supplies. Place a couple of large garbage cans in the area, too, so people can easily toss their trash.

Bring Some Warmth to the Party

Having a Big Game party outdoors is fun, but it can also be cold. Firepits are the best option to provide warmth. Even after everyone goes home, you and your family will continue to enjoy the luxury and ambiance of an outdoor firepit. Firepits come in a variety of shapes and sizes with either propane or natural gas fuel sources. Firepits can serve as tables in the middle of a dining set too. Because a firepit is an investment for your outdoor living space, look for something that goes well with your patio furniture even after the game. three people sitting on a curved outdoor sectional next to a firepit Firepits also serve as a light source when the sun goes down. Just place yours in a spot where it won’t cause glare on the screen. You could also put up some other lighting, such as hanging fairy lights to set the mood. Keep in mind that people can get a little rowdy during football games. Make sure to give your guests plenty of room to jump up and cheer for their favorite team. Declutter your space before the party. Put away anything breakable like ceramic planters or glass tabletops. Stick with durable furniture that can withstand enthusiastic reactions from your guests.

Set the Mood With Paddy O’ Furniture

Put up plenty of decorations that will fuel the excitement for the game. How about a football-shaped pinata for the kids? You could also divide the seating arrangement, so people pick a team side when they watch. Of course, the Big Game comes just once a year, but if you plan right, you can create an outdoor area that will host many parties in the future, along with birthday barbecues and family get-togethers. It starts with quality outdoor furniture. Paddy O’ Furniture is a unique outdoor furniture store. We design and develop our furniture using revolutionary fabrics and durable materials that can withstand all kinds of weather conditions and environmental challenges. Our superior construction creates stylish comfort and long-lasting value. It’s a win for anyone looking to furnish a backyard living space – whether you are hosting the epic Big Game party or just looking for a place to enjoy some air and a good book. Find out more about Paddy O’ Furniture by visiting one of our locations in Arizona or Tennessee or going online to shop.
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