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Stylish Outdoor Pool Furniture For Your Backyard

A fun-filled day out by the pool requires some stylish and functional outdoor pool furniture. Make sure your backyard is complete with a dining set, lounge area, and place to put sunscreen, goggles, and hats. Designing your outdoor space isn’t just about choosing furniture that is visually appealing. Investing in high-quality materials like resin wicker will ensure your furniture can last through many pool seasons. As outdoor furniture experts, we recommend styling various spaces throughout your yard. Start with a designated area for dining. Then add an area for lounging or chatting. Of course, you’ll need to stay shaded from the sun. A few umbrellas should do the trick. When it comes to fun in the sun, your furniture should add function and style to your space. Check out these stylish furniture pieces we think are must-haves for your backyard.

1. Cantilever Umbrella

In addition to a few market umbrellas around the pool, a cantilever umbrella provides shade where a market umbrella may not reach. The unique base and arm reaches up and out instead of directly up, so you can be shaded in the water too.

2. Comfy Dining Chairs

Dining outside is great for enjoying nice weather, but not if you’re sitting in an uncomfortable chair. Comfortable dining chairs with cushions not only look stylish, but they also keep everyone happy.

3. Cuddle Chaise

A chaise lounge is ideal for lounging by the pool. The durable cushions will last through the summer and offer comfortable seating. An oversized version is ideal for cuddling or taking a nap poolside.

4. Sunscreen Side Table

If you don’t have a proper place to set sunscreen and cold beverages, you’ll end up with a mess. Using a durable and weatherproof side table is a great option to keep by the pool. Arrange one or two next to an umbrella or club chair.

5. Club Chairs

Rather than sitting in an uncomfortable chair when watching the kids play in the pool, opt for a club chair with a cushion. Better yet, one the swivels so you don’t feel like you’re stuck facing one direction. Plus, when guests come over you can offer them a comfortable place to sit and chat.

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