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Smokeless Fire Pits | How Propane Fire Pits Compare [Infographic]

With the winter season upon us, it’s the perfect time to complete your outdoor space with a warm and inviting propane fire pit that adds ambiance and style to your backyard. At Paddy O’ Furniture, you’ll find a large selection of propane (or natural gas) fire pits that are durable and perfect for adding heat and ambiance to your entertaining area. With many unique options, you’ll get to pick the fire pit that’s ideal for your outdoor patio. Discover the perfect propane fire pit for you at Paddy O’ Furniture. Shop online and use the helpful infographic below. Smokeless Fire Pits | How Propane Fire Pits Compare | Paddy O' Furniture

Why propane fire pits?

Propane fire pits are one of the top preferred types of fire pits among homeowners. With a simple on and off mechanism that provides a beautiful flame it’s easy to see why. Making a fire pit the centerpiece of your backyard encourages cozy conversations and a warm place to enjoy the outdoors during the winter months. Especially in milder climates, an outdoor fire pit gets a lot of use and will quickly become your favorite spot of your backyard oasis. Without question, many homeowners prefer the simple fact that propane fire pits do not produce smoke like traditional wood-burning ones. Propane fire pits have emerged as a top choice because of their smokeless feature. While some wood-burning fire pits can be smokeless, propane fire pits offer many more features that make them the preferred choice for those looking to invest in a fire pit.

What is smokeless?

Smokeless simply means that a fire pit produces little to no smoke. Having a smokeless fire pit option has recently become a popular choice for those who want to enjoy the warmth, but not the smoke. Due to pollution concerns, several areas have “no burn days” when lighting a wood burning fire pit is not allowed. These regulations do not apply to propane fire pits.

Propane Fire Pit Size & Portability

Most propane fire pits are substantial in size and can appear as a built-in feature even if it is freestanding. When designing an outdoor space, a fire pit is often used as a focal point or starting point given its larger size. Even though these fire pits are large, they are portable, which means you could move it around your yard. The materials used on most propane fire pits are lightweight, but give the appearance of looking heavy. For example, this all-aluminum fire pit uses a material that looks like heavy concrete, but it is, in fact, lightweight and easy to pick up and move without compromising on style and durability. The size and portability of a propane fire pit make them a convenient choice for those looking to add a focal point to their outdoor space.

Propane Fire Pit Design & Features

The ability to switch out the fire glass is one attractive feature of propane fire pits. You can switch out the color, size and type of rock you use to complement your own design and style. Additionally, most propane fire pits offer room around the perimeter of the fire to be used for entertaining and dining. It can be used as a table in addition to the warmth from the fire. The ledge around the fire lends itself to design features with various materials like faux wood, concrete-look all-aluminum, travertine, cobblestone and lava. Propane fire pits are designed in different shapes, and heights too. Square, rectangular and circular styles are available, with round fire pits available in conversation, dining and balcony heights.

Compatibility With Propane Or Natural Gas

Having the option to hook up your fire pit to natural gas is a nice option that most of our propane fire pits offer. You must have a natural gas line available for this option to work for you (a plumber can easily set this up). While propane fire pits are more efficient than natural gas, there are some advantages to choosing the natural gas feature. One of those advantages is that natural gas fire pits never run out of fuel. This is not the case with propane, which, when it runs out, requires a run to the store to refill the tank--although most experienced fire pit owners keep an extra tank filled and ready for such situations. If your home already has a natural gas line, then this option would be fairly inexpensive to install and run. However, if you would like to have a natural gas fire pit, but need to have a gas line installed in your yard, that could be costly, even though natural gas itself is inexpensive.

Convenient Dining Features

Propane fire pits have a convenient feature that makes them ideal for entertaining. The tabletop design that surrounds the pit allows guests a place to set their drinks or snacks while they are sitting around the fire. Because propane fire pits tend to be more of a focal point of an outdoor space, it lends itself to comfortable seating arrangements next to and around the fire pit. Convenient features like this are just some of the reasons why propane fire pits are a great smokeless option for homeowners looking to add warmth and style to their backyard oasis.
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