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Small Patio Furniture Ideas

A patio area that you love requires some stylish and functional outdoor furniture ideas. No matter how large or small your patio is, the right furniture can complete your yard and create livable spaces you never knew you needed.

Designing your outdoor space isn’t just about choosing furniture that is visually appealing. Investing in high-quality materials will ensure your furniture can last through many seasons. As outdoor furniture experts, we recommend thinking about the overall function of your yard before you start styling with furniture.

Think about how you wish to use your outdoor space. Does your space suit your entertaining needs? Do you want to add furniture as a design element to balance out your space? Asking yourself some creative design questions will help you figure out if and what patio furniture you need.

If you need help designing a small patio space, we’re here to help with these furniture ideas.

1. Lounge Area

A lounge area doesn’t have to accommodate a large group. A single chaise lounge paired with an umbrella is suitable for a smaller space and provides an inviting ambiance to enjoy the outdoors.

2. Outdoor Reading Nook

Reading outside is most enjoyable with a plush club chair. Arrange one or two chairs in a small patio space to create a useable seating area. Place an end table next to it to place beverages and snacks.

3. Front Door Sitting Area

Furniture can be used as a design element to add balance or interest to a space. A small chair or table at a front door is a great way to fill a small outdoor space and add visual appeal.

4. Garden Area

Use a small table or two to create a space for a garden area. Arrange potted plants and other landscape essentials on top of the tables to create a beautiful garden for a small space.

5. Fire Pit

If you love to entertain but don’t have a large open area of grass, consider arranging a few chairs around a fire pit. Small patios can be great for entertaining too.

6. Dining Space

You don’t need a large table and tons of chairs to create an outdoor dining space. Consider using a loveseat or a couple chairs with a small table to create the perfect dining space for a small number of people.

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