Sling Patio Chairs

Sling Patio Chairs That Will Instantly Upgrade Your Space

Sling patio chairs are an excellent investment for any outdoor entertainment area. Designed to be easily picked up and moved, they allow versatility in every type of entertainment you’re planning. Having extra seating doesn’t have to take away from the style and elegance of your outdoor space. Choosing the right sling patio chairs is the goal. Here’s how to make wise decisions with our team at Paddy O’ Furniture.

Benefits of Sling Patio Chairs

Sling chairs are defined by their material. They are not likely to become soaked with water. They also are lighter in weight, allowing the material to dry faster. Owners also benefit from the reduced risk of mold and mildew buildup because of this thinner material. This type of furniture offers numerous benefits to your outdoor lifestyle because sling patio chairs are:
  • Easy to maintain
  • Beautiful and even elegant
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Easy to move into various configurations
  • Versatile to fit most needs
Whether you purchase a single patio chair to add to an existing set or you buy a new set that includes them, use these pieces to add vibrance, function and style to your outdoor area. Paddy O’ Furniture offers a range of options for you to select from as you compare sling chairs. Here are some to consider.

Our Rancho Sling Collection

Rancho Sling Patio Collection Rancho Sling Collection One of the most sought-after options in sling patio chairs is a versatile piece that can match with just about anything else in the space. That is one of the benefits of our Rancho Sling Collection. You’ll find these pieces are elegant and exceptionally well designed – you can tell just by looking at them. Choose from two color options, both of which offer soft earth tones. This collection offers a sling material made from acrylic outdoor fabric. It will not fade over time, which means that the like-new look will continue for some time. It’s also water-resistant. Even after a summer rainstorm, it is likely to dry off quickly so you can get back to enjoying the outdoors in no time. Add a pop of color to this design with a few throw pillows or a brightly colored rug. Or, keep things simple with a patterned rug. You can purchase the entire collection, which gives you options ranging from dining chairs to barstool balcony chairs. Even a chaise lounge – just in case you need a long day of sunbathing. This collection's rustic charm makes it a fantastic option for your outdoor dining area or entertainment space. If you have a stone patio, perhaps a beautiful Tuscany space, this particular patio chair style will work well. It’s simple enough to work with just about any décor, though.

Newport Padded Sling Collection

Newport Sling Patio Chair Newport Padded Sling Collection What if you want something a bit more modern? In this case, you can use sling patio chairs from our Newport Collection to create something special. One of the first things you will notice about this style is that it offers a bit more padding than other typical sling chairs. It’s not as thick as your average cushioned patio chair, but it does offer that slightly plush feel that’s easy to fall into and relax with for hours. The Newport Collection gives you the versatility you want from sling patio chairs. Choose from a range of color options, even those with a bright feel like the bliss turquoise or vibrant bliss red. These bright colors can work well when you want to create an outdoor entertainment space that is full of energy and the spice of life. If everything else in the space is a neutral tone, these pieces can give you the pick-me-up that you need. The Newport sling patio chairs are built to last. This style of chair is able to handle harsh climates and still wipes off clean and dry. It has a durable aluminum frame with a powder-coat to keep it from rusting. At the same time, it’s very lightweight. If you like to move your furniture around often, this collection makes that easy to do. Create a comfortable conversation space on your outdoor deck. Place one of the Newport sling swivel dining chairs on either side of a beautiful fire pit or table. It may become your favorite place to talk with friends on a long summer night. This is the type of investment you can make with confidence – it’s going to last, it will not fade, and it’s water-resistant.

Mission Sling Collection

Mission Patio Sling Chairs Mission Sling Collection Sling chairs do not have to be big and bulky. Many styles offer a slim, more modern look. Our Mission Sling Collection does this well. It is a sleek line, perfect for those outdoor areas that are ultra-modern. These pieces have less frill about them – fewer curves and ornamental elements to them. That is what makes them desirable for many people. The Mission sling patio chairs are outstanding for those who want something that’s stackable and easy to tuck away when not in use. Because of their design, you can easily stack one on top of the other, cover them with a tarp or put them in a shed, and count on them to look great year-after-year. We offer these chairs in an ombre finish. It’s quite compatible with several styles of outdoor spaces, including the traditional space and the modern outdoor kitchen. It has the durability you need in a powder-coated aluminum frame and its fabric dries out quickly. The sleek, smooth lines of this piece can be accentuated with ample color. A few throw pillows and decorative items can turn your outdoor space into a welcoming retreat. Think about adding in an overhead umbrella so you can lounge and read for hours on end. The sling chaise lounge makes that easy to do, especially with its reclining feature. (Who doesn’t want an afternoon nap?)

Making Your Outdoor Space Your Own

Sling patio chairs give you some of the best features available. Choose the style right for you – romantic, elegant and charming, or sensible, stackable and easy to pair with anything currently in place. You can select from a range of colors and styles to turn your backyard space into a getaway or retreat. On the other hand, you may want to tuck these sling patio chairs away until you need them for a comfortable evening with friends. Check out our entire collection of patio chairs to find those that fit your style – or create a brand new style for your space with a new collection.
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