Planning Your Outdoor Living Space

Planning Your Outdoor Living Space

Planning an outdoor living space goes beyond simply buying one set of table and chairs. A space that is meticulously curated will invite you and your guests to spend time outside cooking, lounging, and enjoying the weather.

A plan begins with designating various living spaces. It’s not uncommon to have multiple dining or seating areas. Perhaps you want a lounging area by the pool and under the patio. It’s also nice to have a designated dining table area, with impromptu dining spaces throughout.

Next, choose your design look and style. All Paddy O’ Furniture collections are professionally designed with a classic approach, but you’ll find unique style details within each of our collections. Most people choose one look so everything in their outdoor space complements each other, but it’s not uncommon to mix and match.

Then it’s time to curate your shopping list. Stand in each designated space and imagine the furniture that will fill it based on how the area will be used. Write down each piece of furniture in a list format. Once you have your plan, you’re ready to shop!

Planning Your Outdoor Living Space infographic

Why Paddy O’ Furniture?

Our furniture is built and designed to last for years. Because we design and import our own furniture, we can invest in professional-grade, high-quality materials that add tremendous value to our unique designs without compromising on comfort and style.

Looking to create your outdoor living space? If you believe in beautiful and functional pieces that last for years, then you’re ready to explore our selection of luxury outdoor furniture and accessories. Shop online or visit us at one of our Arizona locations.

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