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Patio Sets | Tips on How to Choose a Style, Material and Color

A patio set has to offer a few things – comfort, style, and functionality. Finding just the right design, color, and pattern can help to ensure your space is well suited for each one of your needs. Don’t buy just the first one you see. Instead, compare patio sets carefully to find one that’s just right for your family's needs. There’s something specific out there just for you.

Get the Size Right as a First Step

Before comparing options in materials and color, get the size right. As one of the most common reasons people don’t enjoy the set they buy, it only takes a few minutes to ensure you have a properly fitting set. Measure your patio itself or the area you plan to place your set in. It does not have to be contained in a small area. You can spread pieces out. Still, you want to have some idea of the space you wish to dedicate to these furniture pieces. Consider how much room will be present between pieces to make moving through the area easy to do. A small patio set may not give you all of the entertainment options you desire. On the other hand, a set that’s too large makes it impossible to navigate the space and closes it in, making it uncomfortable.

Choosing a Style Means Investing in Character

In the past, there were only a few simple patio sets sold at a local retailer. Now, you have a wide range of options to select from based on style. Here are a few things to consider.

Classic Design Elements

For some, a classic look is the way to go. That could include soft lines and curves in each piece. Look for those furniture pieces with some architectural elements to them, such as the soft contours of pieces from the Newport, Seville or Rancho Collection. These offer comfort, but with a durable powder-coated aluminum frame that adds the classic look you desire.

Classic, Traditional Styling

Another look is evident in the Rancho Sling Collection. These offer just a bit more curve and elegance to them compared to other items. You may find these are fantastic when you want a simple to maintain and less obtrusive looking piece. They are thinner, which makes them a good option for most needs.

Bigger, Bulky Statement Pieces

Another style option to think about is a larger, thicker, and bulkier patio set. For those who want more substantial pieces, be sure to consider products like wicker. These add a lot of character to the space and help to make the patio sets themselves stand out as the focal point of the space.

Laid Back Lounging

For those who want to create more of a laid back and beach-like feel to their patio, it is possible to find pieces that carry this style through the space. Look for those that offer Adirondack chairs, for example, which are the perfect lounge option for an outdoor area. Don’t forget to plan for the accessories, too, during this process. For example, you may want patio sets with umbrella fixtures. You may also want to include side tables. These are going to add to the overall style of the finished product. They are factors to think about for all spaces but especially for small areas.

Compare the Options in a Range of Materials

Gone are the days of just choosing a plastic or aluminum patio set. You now have access to a large range of options, including materials that offer softness, sophistication, or natural wonder. There is no wrong decision here, but it is important to compare a range of products carefully before making a decision. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Metal Options

No matter what type of product you are purchasing, it is important to consider how it will hold up during the worst of the weather. Metal tends to be a good option for many needs, especially when choosing powder-coated aluminum. This is a durable option that does well long term but also offers a modern feel. Powder-coated aluminum will not rust like many other metals and does not conduct heat, so it stays cooler to the touch than other metals. Rust-free steel is another option that may not be as bulky and large as other forms.


As noted, wicker can be an attractive and elegant option for most patio areas. Quality matters. Not all wicker is going to be as sturdy or long-lasting. Some of the best wicker pieces, such as our all-weather wicker products, are both comfortable and designed to handle most weather conditions. Check out the Inverness Club line of products for really impressive quality. Wicker can offer some natural appeal but in some cases is larger and more dominating for the space.


Something is appealing about using wood for your patio sets, at least for the actual tables and chairs. Some Adirondack chairs fit in here. When choosing any type of natural furniture, be sure to know the overall weather quality as wood is not suitable for all climates. Some products will wear over time, making them less of an attractive option overall. A great choice for the environment and extremely durable in all climates are chairs made of high-density polyethylene. This material is made of 95% recycled milk containers and can be made in a variety of wood looks, or a whole array of colors.

The Right Color for Your Outdoor Space

With a good idea of the material, size, and style in mind, you can now choose from a range of colors. Some people want a sophisticated outdoor area, where a few pops of color may come through. In this case, you may be after darker colors, such as sleek black. Black tends to be a statement piece, especially when you blend that with a bright colored cushion. Any other color can work based on your needs. Bright colors can help to bring the refreshing feel of spring into each day. On the other hand, you may be looking for more natural tones and colors. You can easily choose items that are in browns, golden colors, or greys as well. Often, people decide to purchase patio sets that have a lot of pattern to them. This certainly can work well in the right environment. However, a patio set with a solid color for the seat cushions is a good way to change your space a bit. You just need to add a few throw pillows to the area to really have a fun look that’s completely different each time you use it. When it comes to finding patio sets that fit your needs, do not forget about finding the best price. The good news is our team at Paddy O’ Furniture can help ensure you always have the best price available no matter which of our collections you are thinking about purchasing. Don’t put off placing your order. Get the outdoor space you love with the right furniture.
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