patio furniture ideas for small spaces

Patio Furniture Ideas For Small Spaces

A patio is an excellent addition to a home. It provides just enough space to step outside and relax in the sun or to have a cup of coffee before starting the day. These spaces are often overlooked especially if they are smaller with limited options for furniture. If you are looking for patio furniture ideas for these small spaces and how to get the most out of them, consider these tips for decorating with ease.

A Quaint Space to Sit and Chat

To maximize space, keep furniture pieces on the smaller side. You don’t need a large table and six chairs here. Instead, choose a small balcony table, one that’s about 24-inches round or so. This is going to provide the tablespace you need but it will reduce the overall amount of space that the table takes up. It’s a good idea to choose one that has a smaller overall profile, but it can still be decorative and beautiful. We recommend the Cobblestone Top balcony table if you have a stone patio. Go with the Newport Top if you want something more rustic.

Think Stools Instead of Lounge Chairs

Depending on the amount of space on the patio, you may want to consider balcony stools instead of longer and larger lounge chairs. These stools can still be elegant – even with backs and arms to them. This allows you to have a more relaxing space. If you have a very small patio, take these ideas a bit smaller – instead of room for two people, go with just one.

Use the Space When You Need To

Patio furniture ideas often need to be creative. Sometimes, you have an outdoor space that’s perfect for a few people to sit and gather, but there’s little room for walking through the area. In this situation, choose furniture that can be placed when needed and then easily stored away to keep the space open and easy to move through. One option for this is a stackable chair. These chairs – including the Mission Stackable Sling Balcony Chair – is the ideal choice. Stack them on top of each other and tuck them into the corner or even in the garage when not in use. Pull them out when you need more seating. This is the ideal way to maximize this space and still be able to entertain when you want to do so. You can also purchase tables that fold up or choose a set of card tables – you can give each person a table when they need it and easily store everything else away when you do not need it. Folding up these items when not in use is critical for making the most of this space. Entertaining on a cool winter’s day? Consider purchasing a patio heater to warm up even the coldest of nights. Many patio heaters come with wheels so you can easily maneuver them when you need them most. Store them in a shed or a covered corner of your patio when not in use.

A Private Space to Love

Your patio may be the only outdoor space you have. If you want a bit more of a private getaway outdoors, there are a few things you can do to make that happen.
  • Consider a few screens to surround the space. You can purchase inexpensive, foldable wall-like screens to prop up when you are using the space.
  • Add a comfortable chaise lounge chair. Or, if there is enough room, choose two. The Newport Chaise Lounge is perfect for this. Or, for something even easier to maintain, check out the Newport Woven Chaise.
  • Add a small table to the space. A 36-inch round table, like the Reclaimed Top table, can be perfect. It has just enough space for a glass or something refreshing and your phone.
These pieces create an ideal outdoor space for one person. If your patio is a bit bigger, add another lounge chair to it. Center it all on a beautiful outdoor rug. It will feel like a getaway even if it is just in your backyard. Patio furniture ideas for this type of space can range widely – choose the type of furniture you love to maximize the space.

Consider Wicker for Sectionals

When decorating a moderate to a small-sized patio, function is important. You also want pieces that can take up as much of the space as possible without over-imposing. Wicker or woven material works best. It is not as bulky as other types of furniture but gives you ample seating. Instead of a large sectional, you may want to go with the Ventana QDF Loveseat. It makes the most of this space but still gives you a slimmer look overall. If you are after the sectional style, choose the right size. Go with a two-piece curved sectional that helps to make the space look a bit bigger compared to a rectangular design. The Madison 2-piece Curved Sectional works well. If you have a bit more room, you can upgrade to the three or the four-piece design instead. If you have very limited space, choose the component you need such as the sectional arm.

Adding Special Features and Accessories to the Space

Do you want your outdoor space to really be a special area? It all comes down to the accessories you add. For example, you may want to choose a firepit. Some of these are larger and, when it comes to decorating for a small space, those larger models won’t fit. However, there are options for those seeking a fire table or firepit for a smaller space. For example, you can choose a 54-inch round balcony firepit. Choose the Roma style firepit for example. This is small enough to fit on most patio spaces, but it is still large enough to create the ambiance you are looking for. Make sure you put some extra time into making the space special, too. It is not just about the right patio furniture ideas but also about the character and style that can make a big difference. For example, you can add touches of color by adding colored firepit glass to your firepit. You can also add in decorative pillows (choose smaller, 18-inch pillows to keep the space looking open and larger). Be sure to choose colors wisely, too. You can also complete any of these patio furniture ideas with a beautiful rug. This can help to center the entire design and give you the look of a finished room even if it is a small patio space. Just because your patio space is small doesn’t mean you can’t have the space be everything you want it to be. These ideas should get you thinking about how you can make the most out of any space to ensure you love it. Let us at Paddy O’ Furniture help you with even more patio furniture ideas when you reach out to us.
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