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Patio Decorating Ideas for an Outdoor Dinner Party

An outdoor dinner party is a chance to entertain guests and enjoy your outdoor living space. Setting the mood for a fun time includes adding some accessories and decorations to liven up your patio. Here are some decorating ideas to get you started.


Bringing in extra lighting will help the space feel more lively. Consider stringing some bulb lights across the yard. Renting a couple spotlights is also an option for a more formal affair. A fire pit provides some mood lighting and adds an inviting element to what would otherwise be a dark area of the yard.

Bar Cart

If you’ll be having cocktails at your dinner party, a bar cart is a great option to free up some of your hosting duties. Simply arrange some make-yourself spirits and mixers on a cart with an ice bucket and extra barware. Guests can easily go to the cart to help themselves or you can quickly go make a cocktail for an arriving guest.

Cushions for Extra Seating

Use plush cushions and pillows for extra floor seating for younger guests. Arrange comfortable cushions around a fire pit for a fun s’mores area. Adding extra pillows to your chairs is a good idea for those guests who need extra support.

Fire Pit

A fire pit adds a fun element to any dinner party, especially on a crisp night. Younger guests will enjoy sitting around the fire playing games, talking, and making s’mores.

Flower Arrangements

Using fresh flowers or greenery as a table centerpiece makes your patio feel professionally designed. Place one near the bar area and a few inside too. Flowers are one of those things that only a few people might notice, but they add so much to the space that it would look bare without them.

Before you start decorating, make sure you have enough furniture to fill your outdoor living space and accommodate your dinner party guests. Come check us out at one of Paddy O's Furniture's locations or shop online.

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