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Patio Decor Ideas For A Small Cozy Outdoor Space

Everyone loves to have a little outdoor space to enjoy the fresh air, view the pool or entertain friends. Not everyone has a big patio or deck, though. The key is not how many square feet you have but how you use the space. With the right decorating style, that small space isn’t cramped. It’s cozy. You can turn a petite patio or balcony into the outdoor spot you’ve always dreamed about with a few well-placed pieces of furniture and some impressive decor.

Use Plants to Shield Your Space

Not everyone can put up a fence, especially in apartment buildings with balconies or in rental houses. That’s where plants can make that space cozy and personal. Start by deciding if you want real plants or artificial ones. You can have a mix of both, as well. Artificial plants might be a better option for areas that deal with cold during the winter or even if you don’t want to mess with caring for real plants. patio decor ideas for a small outdoor space | Paddy O FurnitureUse the plants to create privacy by placing them around the perimeter of your outdoor space. Plants with big leaves work especially well on the perimeter. If your outdoor space has railings, then you can drape beautiful hanging vines on them for a stylish look and functional shield.

Vertical Garden Wall

You can take the plant idea to the next level with a vertical garden if you have room for a trellis or your patio has a wall. You could even use the rails on your balcony to hold a pocket planting system. Most come in modular sections, so there is plenty of flexibility if you just want to cover a section of a wall or railing. patio decor ideas for a small outdoor space | Paddy O Furniture A vertical garden can make your space more functional if you want to plant vegetables. The vertical garden has the added advantage of being a great space saver. You get the benefit of having plants and flowers and still have room for other stuff.

Reed Fencing

If you want to block out the railings entirely, pick up a roll of reed fencing at the local home store. It gives the balcony a tropical feel while creating privacy at the same time. You simply roll the fencing out along the inside of the rails. Suddenly, your balcony is more like an extra room. Suppose you prefer something a little less rustic. A solid fabric privacy screen will do the trick, too. Now top it off with a ledge on top of the rails to create space for potted plants and other colorful accessories.

Focus on Furniture Style

The furniture you choose for your cozy space matters. First, consider whether the furniture you like is the right choice for an outdoor space. All-weather wicker, for example, is durable and attractive. patio decor ideas for a small outdoor space | Paddy O Furniture Not a fan of the wicker look? Choose something with a metal base like rust-free aluminum. Canvas is also a practical choice. It is easy to clean and holds up well even in cold, wet weather. Once you know the type of furniture you want, consider what will fit in your space. If you have an open patio, you have plenty of choices. Balconies are more tricky. You might only fit a couple of comfortable chairs there. You could put a square ottoman in each corner for seating and leave the center open. A storage bench would be a good option too because it gives you a place to tuck away colorful cushions during poor weather.

Don’t Forget the Tables

Tables do more than just hold your drinks. They can help break up lines and add new shapes to your space. A corner bistro table can be the perfect place to serve snacks or drinks. It can also be your new favorite breakfast spot. Balcony tables are the right size for any small space, whether a deck, balcony or patio.

Now Pop in Some Color

Once you have the plants placed and the furniture picked out, it’s time to add a pop of color here and there. A good place to start is with an outdoor rug. It will pull the look together and make the space feel cozier. If you don’t want a rug, then maybe put down interlocking deck tiles. They have a rustic appeal that is unique and easy to change around. You can also add some interesting touches here and there to punch up the look of your space. Pillows and cushions are always attractive choices. Big fluffy pillows will work for added seating if you need it, too. Trays, vases and candles all make wonderful accents as well. Even adding something as simple as colorful napkins will provide some spice to a neutral space. patio decor ideas for a small outdoor space | Paddy O Furniture

Unique and Functional Extras

You can make a small space more effective when you accessorize with functional extras. For example, consider a table that can serve as a cooler. It is a great place to store drinks during a party and act as a side table when you just want to sit outside and enjoy the fresh air. A balcony bar table hangs over the rail to add more surface space for accessories, drinks or plants. You can even dine on them.

Put Up Some Lighting

Make your outdoor area a great nighttime chill spot by hanging some lights. The light fixtures you choose will depend on a couple of things — electricity for one. If you have electrical outlets within reach, a lamp is a quaint choice. If your space has a roof, then perhaps a ceiling fan with a light fixture. If electricity is a challenge, you can hang solar light strings anywhere they look good, including large plants. There are also solar or battery-powered lanterns that work well when placed in key spots around the balcony or patio. Still not sure what furniture would fit in your small, outdoor space? Explore all the options that Paddy O’ Furniture has to offer by visiting our website or by stopping by one of our showrooms in Arizona or Tennessee. We offer durable patio furniture that stands the test of time. Professional, high-grade materials make the furniture at Paddy O’ the right choice for your balcony or patio.
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