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Patio Chairs: How to Style Your Backyard With a Purpose

If you're trying to design a backyard, the primary goal should be to welcome everyone outdoors. Deciding exactly where to place everything can be a difficult problem to solve, especially when each home's backyard offers its own set of advantages and challenges. We'll look at how to use your yard's best features to your advantage, and why the right patio chairs and seating can change the landscape for the better.

Choose a Focal Point

From a fire pit to a patio table, your patio chairs should be clustered around the main event. For larger backyards, you might have two focal points to serve as different areas for groups to congregate. So you might place chaise lounges around the pool and cafe chairs around the coffee table. If you want a more casual backyard, design professionals recommend an asymmetrical design. As you consider the focal point and the surrounding seating, think about how traffic is likely to flow. Will guests come from both the front yard and the patio door or are they more likely to enter through the gate? If people are constantly having to step aside to avoid different objects (e.g., patio chairs, etc.), it's going to be cumbersome to get in and out of different parts of the yard. Aim for a few feet (3 – 4) of clear space around the high-traffic spots and about two feet for lower traffic spots. Ensure that you're directing traffic around the focal points rather than having people step through them. This will interrupt the conversation and increase the odds of an accident.

The Long and Short of It

Your longest piece of furniture, whether it's a love seat or a seven-piece sectional, should face your focal point. Smaller pieces, like end tables and ottomans, should be grouped around your seating for convenience. Make it easy for guests to set their car keys down and put their feet up. (It'll also be easier to serve snacks and refill drinks when there are enough surfaces to go around.) If you think you might need different configurations, consider armless chairs as a way to easily push seating together or break it apart. A formal work function may require people to be fairly spaced apart, while an informal dinner party can allow people to come together at the end of the meal.

When to Use Your Club Chairs

Club chairs can either be stationary or designed as a swivel rocker. Either can be great additions to your patio, depending on the look and feel that you're going for. If you're trying to turn your yard into a resort, think about how nice it will be to kick back with a mojito or two in a rocker. These chairs have a cushion both at the back and on the seat, making it ideal to really idle away the hours. If you're arranging them around the fire pit, aim for between two and six large chairs. Swivel rockers will take up more space, so you may need more room if you're going this route.

How to Arrange Your Loveseat(s)

A loveseat can flank either side of a patio table, or it can be the perfect way to help two people cuddle up in front of the fire. If you have enough space, your yard might look best with two loveseats that beckon friends and couples to enjoy a night warming up near the flames. You can also consider a durable wicker loveseat with a quick-dry cushion. This will allow water to pass through the cushioned seat entirely, so you don't have to wait several days for it to dry. You can also add a couple of club chairs to this arrangement for larger gatherings.

Make Use of Your Ottomans

Ottomans are a stress reliever on so many levels. Not only do they allow a person the chance to recline, but they also provide extra seating when unexpected guests show up. (Few things are more stressful to the host than trying to decide how to accommodate more people.) If you're going to have people sit on the ottomans, you need to make sure that it's comfortable. Look for one with a thick cushion on it, so there's less chance of people shifting all night. After all, they won't have anything to support their back.

Bring Indoor Elements Outside

Designing your backyard doesn't have to be all that different from designing the interior of your property. A backyard with a purpose might have a place to grab a burger, a spot to swim, and a warming place to dry off. Chairs should be functional in the same way that they are in your home. So this may mean having to create enough space between different areas. Even in a smaller backyard, you can position the seating so it connotes how it should be used. For example, placing the dinner table far away enough from the grill and firepit. This way, you send guests the message that one spot is for eating dinner and the other spot is for roasting marshmallows.

Add in the Extras

Patio chairs can be accessorized with anything from throw pillows to area rugs. Choose lighting that casts a warm glow and invites everyone to stay awhile. Place chairs near trees or flowers to highlight the natural beauty of your property. If you want to cut down on clutter when guests all go home, store extra cushions or pool accessories in a deck box. These handy chests are perfect for all-weather conditions and can double as even more seating in a pinch.

Worry-Free Guarantee

If you're experimenting with styling your backyard, Paddy O' Furniture gives you a 30-day free in-home trial so that you can see where each piece fits best. We know that it's not always easy to decide if you need a club chair or a chaise until you actually see the configuration. If you don't love the patio furniture that you've purchased, we’ll help you exchange it. Paddy O' Furniture designs what we sell which is how we can guarantee our products to our customers. We stand behind every ottoman, chair, and sofa, and offer the best in the business warranty to prove it. The right furniture can do more than just give people a place to sit. It can actually form the exact ambiance you need to use every inch of your property to the fullest. Don't let another day go by when you can arrange a yard that will have guests feel every bit as comfortable outside as in.
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