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Outdoor Patio Furniture Design Tips | Dining, Poolside and More

If you are looking to spend more time outdoors with family and friends this year, why not consider a patio upgrade? Your patio can be so much more than just that place where you enjoy the pool or get some sun. The right design means outdoor spaces become an extension of your home. It is somewhere you can dine, have parties and enjoy some me-time in comfort. Designing an outdoor space is about more than finding the right lounge chairs, or putting out a few potted plants. Investing in quality outdoor furniture sets and accessories will make your patio more aesthetically pleasing and functional. You can even extend arrangements throughout the backyard to create unique and fun sitting areas. What are you going to do to spice up your patio this year? Consider these design tips to get you started.

Start at Poolside

If you have a pool that is a focal point for your backyard, it is the perfect place to start your makeover. When shopping for quality poolside furniture, you want durable fabric and frames that are waterproof, resistant to stains, and resilient under an intense summer sun. poolside design tips | Paddy O Furniture First, determine what sets you want around the pool. For example, you might line one side with nothing but chaise lounges. Maybe intersperse a cuddle lounge or two just to break things up. Next, consider some unique seating options, like club chairs with stylish cushions. Look at all-weather wicker options to give your seating a casual and elegant feel. Make sure to position end tables near the chairs to hold drinks and personal belongings. A set of California-style Adirondack chairs is another unique, and sleek, seating option. Shop for the natural wood colors that fit with your tastes, and look for collections made from recycled plastics for an environmentally friendly choice. They are weather-resistant and specifically designed to withstand harsh sunlight. Ensure all the seating areas around the pool are more comfortable too with a few well-placed cantilever umbrellas. Cantilever umbrellas provide more shading flexibility. You can tilt and adjust the umbrella to cover wherever you decide to rest -- even over the water. Don’t forget a sunscreen table. You want a place to encourage kids of all ages to be safe while they enjoy the outdoors.

Create a Living Space

Now, move onto the patio or deck. With some smart furniture options, this could be an outdoor living space, similar to your indoor living room. If the area is big enough, an outdoor dining room may perfectly suit your needs. patio furniture decor ideas | Paddy O Furniture The kinds of furniture you choose depend on your personal style. There are a variety of sectional sofa pieces to configure large seating arrangements. If, instead, you are looking at smaller grouped sets for lively discussions, then explore a configuration of individual sofas, loveseats and chairs. Designing a living space on your patio is an excellent way to put outdoor furniture to use with perfect coordination. An outdoor setup might include a sofa, loveseat, coffee table, chair, and at least one ottoman-- which serves as additional seating in a pinch. Once you have your furniture grouped, pick out just the right accessories. You might opt for a firepit. They come in a variety of shapes and colors, heights and sizes. Many have handcrafted tops that will catch the eye of your guests and be a great conversation piece. Firepits that use propane or natural gas offer you the most control over the flame, and their bases can be lightweight and durable. In cooler months they provide warmth, while in warmer months they add a sophisticated ambiance. How about a beautiful outdoor rug to help frame your seating groups? Outdoor rugs are as luxurious as what you find inside of houses, but much more durable. They are constructed to withstand nature's harshest conditions with fabrics that are often stain-resistant. Now add some well-placed pillows, tables and plants to make the space your own. You can even get artistic with sculptures and other pieces on the outside walls to give your patio the feel of a more traditional living room.

About That Outdoor Dining Area

The days of the old-school picnic table are gone, unless you like that kind of thing, of course. Today’s modern outdoor dining area is luxurious and aesthetically pleasing. When you decorate any space, you start with a focal point. For outdoor dining, that would be the table. outdoor dining furniture | Paddy O Furniture There are outdoor dining tables in all shapes and sizes. The only question is, how many people would you like to seat? You can be artistic with a Shadow Top table, or go with something more traditional in a natural travertine or a Reclaimed top -- its handcrafted ceramic tile looks like distressed wood without the maintenance of real wood. Maybe you want a smaller dining space. You could set up a taller, balcony table with stools so the table has multiple uses. There are several styles of smaller cafe-style round tables, perfect for outdoor dining on balconies or as accent tables on a patio.

Now Add the Finishing Touches

Once you have quality outdoor patio furniture in place, add the finishing touches to make the space yours. Here are some suggestions:
  • Ceiling fan — If you are fortunate enough to have an overhang or sheltered patio, a ceiling fan adds just the right cooling touch.
  • Fabulous mood lighting — Give your outdoor space ambiance with a few well-placed lighting choices. You can opt for everything from outdoor lamps to light strings to candles.
  • Grill — A must for every patio. If you are more adventurous, you might opt for an outdoor kitchen complete with storage space, countertops and an island stove top.
  • Wall decor — Art, planters and lighting all look great hanging on fencing or surfaces outside your house.
  • An outdoor shower — Take your pool from ordinary to extraordinary with a stylish outdoor shower that allows family and guests to rinse off before they sit down on your outdoor furniture sets.
  • Canopied daybed or hammock — For when you just want to lie down outside and read a good book.
  • Outdoor bar — Give your outdoor parties a fun vibe with an outdoor bar complete with a sink and barstools.
  • Patio swing — It’s more than just one more place to sit down. A patio swing adds something fun and romantic to the mix.
Knowing where to buy your furniture is just as important as what you buy. The staff at Paddy O' Furniture is here to learn about your outdoor areas, answer all your questions, and help you find the right pieces to personalize your outdoor space -- to find your patio bliss. Visit us online or at one of our convenient showrooms.
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