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Outdoor Firepit Tables | Add Ambiance to Your Patio This Season

A firepit table can be the centerpiece of your backyard space. They are the perfect location for cool or warm evenings cozied up with your loved one or chatting with a group of friends. Firepits also add ambiance to your patio. Before purchasing a firepit, let’s take a look at which style is best for your patio.

Start With a Purpose

When looking at a firepit table, start by deciding what purpose it will serve on your patio. It is there to provide warmth and light, but in what ways might you most use the table? At Paddy O’ Furniture, we break firepit tables down into four distinct categories:
  • Chat
  • Occasional
  • Balcony
  • Dining
You can use the categories as a guide to help you choose the right product.

What Is a Chat Firepit Table?

Chat refers to the height of the table. Chat tables are similar to a coffee table and are typically between 21 to 24 inches high, although they vary in width. A chat pit table creates a space designed for conversation around the warmth of the fire. firepit with lid slightly off centered 44” Round Slat Top Firepit Just like coffee tables, chat firepit tables come in many unique designs. Our 44-inch round slat top firepit is a perfect example of a chat table. The round slat top is a traditional design with a modern twist. The firepit sits in the center of the table, but low enough that you can enjoy a pleasant conversation without trying to talk around the flames. The table base is durable powder-coated aluminum with an ombre or graphite finish. The pit is propane-powered and includes a caddy inside the base of the table to hold the tank. The burner is stainless steel and round like the table. It is possible to convert this table to use natural gas with a kit included when you purchase.

What Is an Occasional Firepit Table?

In furniture, an occasional table doesn’t have a specific function or belong in just one room. They are small and portable tables you can use in any room in your home. An occasional firepit table is the shortest offered on the market — usually around 19 inches, but the size can vary. As with chat tables, they come in a variety of shapes and designs. concrete style firepit Bodega All Aluminium Firepit An excellent example of an occasional firepit table is our Bodega All Aluminium Firepit. These tables bring a modern look to your outdoor space as well as ambiance. The contemporary design is aluminum but with a rectangular concrete look. You get all the beauty of concrete but without the weight. This firepit has a slide-out tray that holds a propane tank, and the burner puts out 67,000 BTUs of heat. The exact dimensions are 52”x32,” and the table requires a clearance of 72” from the top of the burner. Occasional firepits come in different designs, too. Consider the Shadow firepit. This rectangular table comes with a handcrafted top made with natural travertine and ceramic tile. The base is 22 inches but adjustable to adapt to your needs. The 12” x 14” burner puts out 55,000 BTUs and is propane-powered. Paddy O’ Furniture also offers round occasional firepit tables like the Weathered firepit. It is handcrafted with ceramic tile and an aluminum honeycomb substructure that gives it a natural wood look. The rustic design fits in with just about any patio decor. The stainless steel burner is 22-inches and round like the table.

What Is a Balcony Firepit Table?

As the name suggests, a balcony firepit table comes in a size right for smaller spaces. The table itself isn’t necessarily more petite, but it is taller to accommodate standing, similar to a bar or bistro table. tall balcony style firepit 54” Round Balcony Firepit - Travertine Our Travertine balcony firepit table is 54” x 54" x 38" and made from lightweight, powder-coated aluminum. Although the base is 38 inches tall, it is adjustable to fit just about any situation. This firepit can use either natural gas (with a provided conversion kit) or propane and gives off 55,000 BTUs of heat. The top has a Stone Enhancing Sealer to give the table a rustic, modern look. Paddy O’ Furniture offers multiple balcony firepit tables designs, so it won’t be hard to find one you love.

What Is a Dining Firepit Table?

round travertine top firepit 54” Round Dining Firepit A dining firepit table is a round table with enough space for people to enjoy a meal. Many of the features are like the other table formats. The tables are 54 inches high and come with round designs that will brighten up your decor. In the middle is a firepit to warm you up while you enjoy some food with friends.

Tips For Buying the Right Firepit Table

Start by deciding if you need a specific-sized table and consider your purpose for it. How will it fit in with other outdoor furniture, and how much space do you have for the table? Maybe you need to buy a set, so what seating will look best with the table. Outdoor firepit tables come in various shapes and sizes, so look for one that fits right in your space. Also, consider the firepit glass you want. They come in different colors, such as:
  • Aqua
  • Bahama Blend
  • Blue
  • Cobalt
  • Copper
  • Crystal
  • Maple
Next, think about the fuel source. Firepits can handle many kinds of fuels, from propane to charcoal. If you buy a firepit with a propane burner, you can’t hook it up to natural gas without a conversion kit. You also wouldn’t burn wood in it. Finally, consider the material construction. You want something light, durable, and able to handle the weather changes. Aluminum is the premier material in most modern outdoor furniture because of its resiliency. If you have questions about firepit tables, visit our website today to learn more about these exquisite and modern pieces.
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