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Our Top Selling Firepit Tables

Firepit tables are an open invitation for outdoor entertaining. Whether you're having a cup of coffee, hosting a fondue night, or making Happy Hour a regular occurrence, the possibilities are endless. So much more than just a standard piece of furniture, it's an interactive item that will prompt you to invite more people over and relax by the flames. Set on low for ambiance or turned all the way up for warmth and dramatic effect, firepit tables are a year-round must have for your patio. But which one is the best one for your home? How will your chosen firepit affect how you utilize your backyard? If you're on the hunt for the best in show, we'll tell you more about our top sellers and why they take the cake.


Best Selling Firepits | Paddy O' Furniture Bodega 48″ Square Aluminum Fire Pit The all-aluminum Bodega firepits are stylish, durable, and low-maintenance, so it's no surprise that this is our most popular product. While they may be made from aluminum, the actual appearance is that of concrete. The result is a light(er)weight piece of furniture that can handle the pressure. Bodega pits come equipped with easy storage for the propane tank and burner. (Pits can also be converted from propane to natural gas as needed.) Available in several shapes and sizes, this is a great way to bring life and color back to your backyard. These concrete-colored firepits also make it easy to mix and match furniture. This allows you to freely express your style without having to think twice. We like to place this firepit next to our 24” Shadow Top Round End Table as this end table adds a nice design element to the space.


Best Selling Firepits | Paddy O' Furniture 48″ X 36″ Rectangle Occasional Firepit with a Cobblestone finish top The cobblestone look is perfect for homes with a bit of a Colonial flair or even for eclectic decors that can handle some contrast. Our 48″ X 36″ Rectangle Occasional Firepit version is a colorful addition to any home, one that makes for a fascinating conversation piece even when it's not in use. Versatile and functional, we recommend this for homeowners who have lots of celebrating to do. If you're looking for a firepit that is a little more down-home than modern, this would be a great choice for you. Interested in creating a more cohesive look and feel to your patio space? Consider purchasing more than one item with the same finish. Our 24” Cobblestone Round End Table pairs perfectly with this firepit and will look fantastic next to a few cozy loveseats.


Best Selling Firepits | Paddy O' Furniture 54″ Round Dining Firepit with a Travertine finish top A 54″ Round Dining Firepit with Travertine finish top is a distinctive way to adorn your property with a little extra luxury. Travertine is sourced from natural springs, where mineral deposits pool to create this beloved type of limestone. Because each deposit will take its own journey before arriving in your home, all travertine tops have a unique pattern of swirls and motion. It's one of those design elements that might take you a second to spot but ultimately makes for a fun detail. If you’re planning to throw a few outdoor get-togethers this year, or just have a large family, make sure you have enough table space. We carry a gorgeous 54” Round Dining Table with the same finish that will look stunning next to your firepit.


Best Selling Firepits | Paddy O' Furniture 54″ Round Dining Firepit with a Weathered finish top It doesn't always have to be out with the old and in with the new. Well-used items in good shape carry a history all their own, one that can make it instantly attractive to an onlooker. This look is making a definitive comeback, which is why we sell a weathered table that can bring a lot of charm to a home — especially if it's already on the rustic side. It provides the look you want, in an easy to maintain ceramic tile. Our 54″ Round Dining Firepit with a Weathered finish top is full of character, even if it's not exactly an antique. You can use this pit table with either propane or natural gas, making it a versatile option when you're ready to fire it up.


Best Selling Firepits | Paddy O' Furniture 54″ Round Dining Firepit with a Reclaimed finish top Sustainable items are definitely in this year, taking the place of fast furniture and creating higher standards for producers all over the world. When you choose our reclaimed wood, you help curb deforestation and support renewable resources. This firepit top is actually made of ceramic tile. Our 54″ Round Dining Firepit with a Reclaimed finish top is a responsible way to ward the chill off and enjoy your property in a whole new light.


Best Selling Firepits | Paddy O' Furniture 48″ X 36″ Rectangle Occasional Firepit with a Lava finish top Lava stone is not actually lava, but water-scrubbed granite. The finishing process can bring out different shades of the stone, including brownish tinges, that make for an aesthetically interesting piece of furniture. It's a subtly striking material that can make a distinct statement set in the foreground of a forested lawn. Our 54″ Round Dining Firepit with a Lava finish top is a best seller because it reflects the properties of fire both above and below the blaze. Complete your patio space with more lava top tables including one of our favorites, the 24” Round Lava Top Balcony Table. This table is perfect to set your drinks on and chat before the sun sets and the firepit lights up.

Tips for Choosing a Firepit Table

Most homeowners won't necessarily have a difficult time choosing between styles. A rectangular Bodega firepit table will look great in the back of a modern home, while a round reclaimed firepit table will pair perfectly with a luxury cabin. No matter what type of property you have, you can find a firepit that will complement the existing decor. When it comes to more practical matters, here's what to keep in mind:
  • Fuel: Unlike wood burning firepits, natural gas and propane dining firepit tables can be used nearly anywhere in the yard. Without the smoke and ash, you can place them on both open porches and those with overhead roofs.
  • Materials: Paddy O' Furniture prioritizes our clients, which means we look for materials that require minimal maintenance. For example, our Bodega pits are all-aluminum with a Teflon coating, meaning they're less likely to rust even after extended use.
  • Cost: While there are plenty of choices out there that are easy on the budget, you might find that those are the very firepits that are known to wear out quickly. Better to choose something that is both safe and able to keep up with your lifestyle.
  • Portable: If you like to rearrange your yard, you'll need something that you can take with you. Ask our representatives which firepit they would recommend for the best portability.
  • Height: most people think of firepits in a conversation height - made to work well with deep seating lounge chairs. We also carry round dining height and balcony height fire tables so however you like to relax, we have your answer.

Can You Cook from a Firepit Table?

This question depends on the kind of firepit table you buy, though you're usually better off limiting yourself when it comes to culinary feats. An occasional marshmallow or hot dog is likely fine, but anything more than that, you'll want to stick with a standard grill or stovetop.

Firepit Glass Choices

Paddy O' Furniture offers a variety of firepit glass:
  • Sky Blue
  • Cobalt
  • Copper
  • Black
  • Crystal
  • Maple
All of our choices are built to withstand the heavy heat of the fire and add an extra decorative component to your table. Whether you choose uniform coloring or something with a bit more variety, make sure you compare the coloring of the glass with the coloring of the finish in context with the rest of your patio furniture.

Making the Choice

Paddy O' Furniture has been helping people get more from their properties for many years. Our customers find that they can open their property up to new possibilities with our pieces. Whether it's outdoor dining or after-dinner drinks, we can outfit your yard for so much more than you ever thought possible. Contact us today to learn more about which firepit designs will work best with your home and tips for how to incorporate them into your everyday routine.
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