Modern vs. Traditional Outdoor Dining Chairs

Modern vs. Traditional Outdoor Dining Chairs

If you’re currently furnishing your outdoor dining space, choosing the right chairs is a big decision. Imagine all the family dinners and neighborhood gatherings you’ll be hosting! Not only should outdoor patio chairs be comfortable, but they should also be an expression of your personal style. It’s not uncommon to be unsure about your personal style. You might like traditional materials, but more modern designs, with a mix of farmhouse accents. Whatever your taste, when you’re shopping for outdoor dining chairs, the important thing is to buy what you like and create a cohesive look with other furniture in the space.

What are modern outdoor dining chairs?

The term ‘modern’ can be confusing to some. We prefer to use ‘contemporary’ to describe outdoor dining chairs that have a style that is very fresh and new.

What are traditional outdoor dining chairs?

It’s hard to decipher what exactly is a traditional style. This is because as style evolves, designers take elements from the trends of previous years and make updates to make them feel more modern. So nearly every piece of outdoor furniture could have characteristics that are both modern and traditional.

Modern vs. Traditional Outdoor Dining Chairs

The great thing about style is that different types can be mixed and matched. In recent years, the transitional style has become very popular, characterizing a look that blends classic, timeless, and modern all in one.

At Paddy O’ Furniture, we offer a mix of looks and designs for all types of styles. Whether you’re looking for the look of Tuscany or wanting to evoke the feeling of the Hamptons, you’ll find your bliss when you shop for modern and traditional dining chairs at one of our Valley locations.

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