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Inspiring Outdoor Fire Pit Seating Ideas

If you’re wanting an outdoor space that inspires you, a fire pit is the perfect addition. A fire pit adds ambiance and style to your backyard. Plus, the warmth of a fire is ideal for a cold winter night. At Paddy O' Furniture, you’ll find a large selection of propane fire pits that are durable and perfect for adding heat and ambiance to your entertaining area. No fire pit is complete with the right kind of seating. Depending on your space, the best fire pit seating is comfortable and plush, and will invite your guests to sit and stay awhile. Club Chairs A club chair is a great option for sitting around a fire pit. Club chairs have a seat and back cushion, so you and your guests will be comfortable. The arm rests on each chair are also nice for lounging and even sharing seats. Your space will determine how many chairs you can fit around the fire pit. We suggest arranging two up to six large club chairs in a circle around the fire pit. Club Swivel Rockers A Club Swivel Rocker is like a Club Chair except that it swivels around and rocks. Many people usually think to use Club Swivel Rockers around a coffee table or at the heads of a dining table, but they’re also a great option for around a fire pit. Because they’re larger, you might need a larger space to use this type of seating. Loveseat A loveseat is a great option for arranging around a fire pit because it can fit multiple people. The seat and back cushion provides comfort for cozying up by the fire. We suggest using one or two around a fire pit. Or you can use a loveseat paired with two club chairs for a variety of seating options. Ottomans While ottomans shouldn’t be the only seating choice for a fire pit, they are nice to have when extra seating is needed. They can be used for putting your feet up or to provide an extra place to sit when you know you’ll be having a large number of guests around the fire. With many unique options, you’ll get to pick the fire pit seating that’s ideal for your outdoor patio. Shop for plush seating online or find a Paddy O' Furniture location near you.
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