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Ideas for Styling 3 Piece Patio and Conversation Sets

Are you working to refresh an existing patio set on your back deck? Perhaps you’re purchasing one of the stylish options we offer here at Paddy O' Furniture and you want to make a statement as soon as you get it set up. While the right furniture pieces are a must, it’s also in how you style them that you’ll create the feel and comfort you want in that space. If you have a 3 piece patio set or conversation set, we have some tips to help you create the best looking, functional and stylish space for your home. 3 piece patio sets | Paddy O Furniture

Adding Color, Texture, and Dimension with Throw Pillows

One of the first ways to make your 3 piece patio set more enjoyable and stylish is to add color. You can do this with a few well-placed throw pillows. There are many options to consider.
  • A solid color throw pillow – especially in a bright or vibrant color – is going to make a statement. It also helps to draw the eye into the comfortable seating area immediately. That pop of color can be an impressive look. Check out a beautiful color like the Lumbar Pillow in Basketweave Tuscan. There are plenty of other color options as well.
  • Choose a geometric pattern. If your conversation set is a basic color and style, it may look a bit dull. An affordable way to add something interesting and visually appealing to the area is with a geometric pillow. Choose one that has an interesting color and pattern to it. Look at the Aqua Rope throw pillow if you need some inspiration. This one even adds some texture and dimension to the look.
  • Lines create depth. The use of throw pillows with stripes or lines on them can also be well worth the investment. This is a good way to create more interest but also to pull in more than one color into your space. You can also use them to complement and offset solid color pillows. For example, check out our Shadow Stripe throw pillow. Then, place a few others that will complement well with the bright yellow or grays in this striped pillow.

Use Rugs to Create Conversation Set Style

The next step to turn your space into a warm and welcoming area is to bring everything together with a rug. Rugs are phenomenal for outdoor living spaces. Place one under your bistro patio table or conversation set to create a more formal seating area. The rug helps to define the area. It creates more interest and appeal to the area as well. People are drawn to it. There are a few ways to use rugs to create a stunning space. Start by looking at the size you need for your space. Most often, a 3 piece patio set will need at least a 5x7 rug. However, if you need a bit more space, expand this outward. Always be sure to choose an outdoor rug as this will help it to last through the elements and most often for a number of years. Next, consider what should be on that rug. You have a lot of options here. Let’s say you have a conversation set that is black or another dark color. You could choose a rug that matches, but then everything blends in and is less eye-catching. A better option may be to use the rug as a foundation for the entire space. Place a solid-colored rug that’s lighter in color under a dark set, for example. That helps the patio set stand out. Consider an option like the Linen Caramel Macchiato outdoor rug we offer. Or, for a bit more of a modern look, choose something with more color, such as the North Shore Sky Blue outdoor rug. Let’s say that your patio set is very basic. You have some solid color pillows for it. And, you still want to make a statement in your outdoor living space. One way to dress up this space is with a brightly colored or patterned outdoor rug. You can have a lot of fun with this. If you don’t have any contrasting colors in the area nor any type of pattern on the fabrics, consider a rug that stands out. The Mosaic Ruby outdoor rug we offer is a solid example. It is bright and trendy, offering a lot of detail to draw in the eye. If you do not want something so bright but want to create an elegant feel, tone down the colors a bit. One option may be the Meridian Steel Blue outdoor rug we offer. It has a pattern that’s slightly less bold, and a sweet blue color to it that helps to center the space.

Add Some Functional Elements to the Space

Your 3 piece patio set may be just a few places to sit and relax. If that is the case, fill out the area with a few functional pieces that help to create a more dramatic look. You can have a lot of fun with these types of pieces but you are also adding in more function to help you and your guests relax a bit. Start with some end tables. With a three piece set, it is easy enough to add just one to the space. That allows for most people in the group to be able to have a table to place a drink or a small dish of food. The key to choosing these is to select the right foundation color based on the color of your furniture. For example, going with a black base for black furniture really works well. However, you can add more charm and interest by selecting the right type of tabletop. For example, the beautiful Cobblestone Top in our round end table could serve as the perfect option. Don’t forget a coffee table. If there is enough space in your area, you could even skip the extra end table and choose one of the larger coffee tables. A squared off option is one type, but many 3 piece patio sets are going to allow for enough room for a round coffee table as well. Again, choose color and pattern based on what works for the surrounding future. It can stand out though. Check out our Weathered Top round coffee table, for inspiration. For something even more over the top, go with a firepit. Adding a piece like the Roma occasional fire pit in the center of this area is going to create inspiration for long nights spent in front of the fire. What’s most important is making this space feel like your own. Don’t be afraid to introduce colors and styles you love. Take a look at our website for more inspiration.
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