Outdoor Chaise Lounge

How to Style Around Your Outdoor Chaise Lounge

Nothing says casual elegance like an outdoor chaise lounge. It offers full-body support and allows you to lie and doze or sit up and read. It’s a relaxation tool for any outdoor environment whether it’s the pool, patio or balcony. Once you get one, start adding accessories to style the lounger for both comfort and usefulness. Add a Few Pillows Start with a round pillow to fit behind your back and add lumbar support as you soak up the sun. How about a small, square pillow for under your knees and one to go under your head as you lie flat? You might want a cushion that covers the entire chair, too. Some chaise lounges have hard surfaces that need a soft accessory to make them more comfortable. Pick pillows that add something to the piece of furniture. If the lounger is a solid color, look for colorful, patterned pillows that will stand out. If the chaise has a pattern, then get solid-colored pillows of the complementary color. Set Up a Patio Umbrella Position a freestanding patio umbrella to provide some cover from the harsh sun. These umbrellas are big enough to shade your entire body as you nap or read. Many rotate for easy positioning, as well. It’s the perfect accessory for a lounger in a sunny area that might otherwise be useless during certain hours of the day. Place a Small Table Next to the Chaise You’ll want something to hold your drink, book and sunglasses. Pick an outdoor end table that is about as tall as the arms of the lounger. Any shape that suits your decor will work but a small circular table is likely to be the easiest to a position near the chaise lounge. Finally, fill in the spaces around the lounge with potted plants, baskets, outdoor rugs, lanterns or maybe just more loungers. A chaise lounge is a beautiful and functional piece of outdoor furniture. Styling it right adds all the extras touches that make the space about you and your family. You’ll find elegant chaise lounges at Simply Patio along with other accent pieces for your outdoor decor.
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