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How to Prep Your Backyard for The Big Game

The tables are set. The game is on. Your friends are here. This is the ideal setting for The Big Game backyard party. Inviting friends and family over to watch the big game is a fun tradition that many families look forward to every year. As the commercials have gained fanfare over the years, even non-football fans have something to watch. If you’re getting in the spirit for the big game, you probably know that prepping for a large group of people takes some planning. If you already have the furniture you need, then you’re ready to move onto the details. If your backyard could use a little love, you may need to head to Paddy O’ Furniture to stock up on quality furniture that will last for many more football parties to come.


Lounge Areas

Plush outdoor sofas, or a large sectional, are perfect for the main game watching area. Arrange two or three in a U-shape around the television, ideally under a shaded patio or pergola. Having a primary seating area for conversations and game watching will let guests know that they can sit and relax. Use plush cushions, ottomans, and pillows for extra seating for younger guests. Be sure to have a coffee table and a few side tables nearby so guests have a place to set their beverage or snack plate. Extending the comfortable seating into other areas that aren’t centered around watching the game is a great idea to give your guests an opportunity to talk and mingle during commercial breaks or halftime. One option is to integrate a fire pit into your yard. A large grass area or extended pool deck are great areas for a fire pit. Arrange seating around the pit with large chairs or cushions. A fire pit is not only an inviting place to sit, but it can also be a fun activity. You can also choose to use four large club chairs around a coffee table in a separate area. Plush loveseats are also ideal for smaller conversation and lounge areas. Older kids and even grandparents may find themselves making their way to a quieter lounge area to get away from the action of the game. It’s also nice for extra seating during mealtime, which brings us to our next point.


A dining table is an obvious must for a backyard party. However, unless you’re hosting a formal dinner party, don’t feel like everyone has to have a designated seat. Guests will make their way to the sofas and conversation sets, or even sit by the pool if they feel like they want to sit down and eat. What’s nice about The Big Game party is that they tend to be casual and laid back, so if you’re serving food with paper plates and napkins, guests will know they can sit anywhere. Throughout your outdoor space, it’s a good idea to have serving stations where guests can help themselves to a drink or snack. Keeping utensils, cups, and napkins out in the open will allow the hosts more time for mingling. Depending on the size of your party, a few small tables or one large table is ideal for a serving area. Outdoor food stations also cut down on the number of times people have to go inside. As the food is prepared, simply bringing it out to a serving station and letting guests know they can help themselves is an easy and stress-free way to entertain a large group. Don’t forget to put out trash cans that are visible and easy to access, that way guests won’t think they have to go inside to throw away their plates.


Watching the game is the main activity for any Big Game party, but it’s fun to keep the action going with other games set up throughout your backyard. Here are a few ideas of popular games to play at the party: Cornhole - Two teams of two can play this bean bag toss game. Plus, it’s easy to play with a beverage in hand. Ring Toss - A classic that’s fun for kids too. Whoever gets the most rings onto the marker wins. Commercial Bingo - You’ll have to make your own bingo cards for this one. Do a little research on the commercials that will be airing and make it into a bingo game that you can play throughout the game. Coloring or Football Craft - If you’ll have younger kids at your party, create a space for them to color or make a football-themed craft. Football Toss - This is simple. Have a few footballs out in the grass so you can toss it back and forth during commercials.


At The Big Game party, most people expect to eat the kind of food you would find at a sports bar. In other words, the good stuff. Since you’ll be entertaining outdoors, cooking on the BBQ is a great way to still feel like you’re part of the action while you’re making the food. Here are some recipe ideas to get you started: 7 Layer Dip - So easy and so delicious! Make a couple of batches and have them sitting out with chips while you’re watching the game. Homemade Guacamole - Put your own spin on classic guacamole by adding cotija and toasted pepitas. Check out this recipe. Chili - Chili can be made with turkey, beef or no meat at all. Plus, it’s easy to serve and eat. Pizza and Wings - If you’re not up for cooking, order pizza and wings. Your guests are sure to be happy! Pigs in a Blanket - This recipe is easy to make ahead of time. It’s funny how guests will forget how much they love these until they try one! BBQ Pork Ribs - If you’ll be grilling, why not go big? Everybody loves ribs with football. Here’s how to grill or oven-cook ribs. Campfire Cones - Fill up ice cream cones with fun chocolate candies and fruit. Wrap in foil and melt slightly over the fire pit. So fun and delicious! Backyard furniture design layout

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