How to Mix Outdoor Patio Furniture Styles

How to Mix Outdoor Patio Furniture Styles

When you’re designing an outdoor patio space, you may find that there are so many different styles of furniture. It can be overwhelming having to choose between various furniture styles, especially when you’re starting with a blank slate. The good news is you don’t necessarily have to stick to one particular style of furniture. Many designers and home decorators often advise homeowners of this key piece of advice: buy what you love.

Identify Your Lifestyle Before Your Style

Choosing the best patio furniture for your backyard starts with identifying your lifestyle. Defining how you use your space currently and how you hope to use your space in the future will help you determine the type of furniture it will take to get there. The best way to define your lifestyle is to think about how you’ll want to entertain, both yourself and others. Do you hope to host formal outdoor dinner parties? Are you planning on using your outdoor space for casual family gatherings? Or is your lifestyle somewhere in between? Will you have kids over? Is the pool a big part of your yard? Thinking about these types of questions will help you come up with a plan for the type of furniture you’ll want to buy. Next, identify your design style in three to five words. First, choose how you’ll use your space: formal or casual. Then, choose a word that describes your interior design style, as you’ll likely be drawn towards that same style outdoors. The easiest differentiating factor is whether you like more modern styles or more traditional. Once you’ve gone through this process, you might come up with a style phrase, like coastal casual, modern chic, or traditional with a modern flair. These are just a few style categories you might identify with but once you define your lifestyle, you’ll be able to define your style. How to Mix Outdoor Patio Furniture Styles

How do I mix different furniture styles?

When you’re shopping for outdoor furniture, what if you love a modern dining table but a more traditional sectional with deep cushions? This is a very common scenario. Most interior designers will tell you that it’s very common to mix different styles of furniture. At the end of the day, it’s about purchasing what you love and finding quality patio furniture that will last. Furnishing your outdoor space is like designing a living room or bedroom. There are a few factors to keep in mind when mixing different styles.
  • Colors - When choosing your personal design style, you’ll probably want to choose a color palette. Color is the easiest way to blend different styles together. For example, if you stick to earthy neutral tones and colors, like oranges, beiges, and grays, then the total look of your outdoor design will look cohesive. You don’t have to choose only one color but stick to colors that are in the same color family.
  • Metals - If there’s a certain material you like because of its aesthetic, that’s probably what you should go with. Choosing materials that reflect your style and design is important because you want to love the furniture you buy. However, it’s also important to do a little research on the benefits of each material. For example, resin wicker is very durable and easy to clean, which makes it a great option for patios that get a lot of use. Mixing different metals is a great way to blend different styles. For example, you can choose a wood dining table paired with wicker dining chairs in one area with an aluminum conversation set in another area.
  • Create Smaller Areas Within A Large Space - When mixing furniture styles, create smaller vignettes within larger spaces. The outdoor dining area is often the largest space, so start with that first. If you go with a more traditional dining area look, don’t feel like you have to completely match that furniture on the rest of your patio. In another area, you could create a more modern feel with a stylish, low fire pit.

How do I choose patio furniture?

Sometimes the best way to choose patio furniture is to have someone who can ask you the right questions to ensure you find something you love. If you’re ready to shop, come check us out at one of our convenient locations or shop online for high-quality outdoor furniture. Purchasing new patio furniture is a process that involves a little bit of research and effort on your end combined with professional design expertise you’ll find when you go shopping at Paddy O' Furniture.
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