outdoor furniture by a pool

How to Match Pool Patio Furniture with Your Backyard Style

The right pool patio furniture can help transform the backyard into an oasis and an extension of your home’s living space. When choosing outdoor furniture it’s important to see the backyard as another “room” for family and friends to enjoy.

Determine How the Space is Used

If your backyard fun centers around the pool, then certain pieces become essential. Chaise lounge chairs that recline fully are perfect for sunbathing, while a set of club chairs provide conversational seating. Poolside seating also needs a table or two, depending on the space, for cold drinks and snacks. For backyards with limited natural shade, an umbrella also becomes a necessity. Tie the whole look together by selecting complementary colors and fabrics—midnight blue cushions pair great with a kiwi-colored umbrella.

Dining Area Versus Chat Space

Whether it boasts a single grill or a full outdoor kitchen, the outdoor dining area needs functional furniture that also looks stylish and feels as comfy as the family room couch. Establishing an outdoor dining area requires a table to gather around, while a chat space needs end tables or a single coffee table. A chat space may be anchored with a fire pit. For dining, a table that seats four to eight is ideal for families and entertaining, while bar height tables may better fit more intimate spaces. From swivel-style chairs to bar stools, it’s possible to mix-and-match for either a dining area or chat space.

Accessories Complete the Look

Like indoor rooms, accessories complete the aesthetic and take the overall look to the next level. Add patterned throw pillows to enhance the look of the solid color cushions on chaise lounges, loveseats, and chairs. Place planters filled with brightly colored flowers near the seating area and strings of fairy lights for trees or shrubbery that border the patio. Don’t forget tabletop accessories, from lanterns to potted plants and bowls with floating candles for ambiance at night.

Coordinating the pool patio furniture with your backyard style is easy when you know a few tips and tricks the pros use to create those stunning designs seen on television and in magazines.

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