Patio Furniture next to a fire pit on an outdoor rug

How to Choose the Perfect Rug For Your Patio

Adding an outdoor rug to your patio is a smart design choice. An outdoor dining space can sometimes appear incomplete with just furniture alone. Finishing touches like umbrellas, rugs and other accessories can really pull the space together into a complete package. Knowing how to choose the perfect rug for your patio isn’t as easy as choosing a color or pattern.


When expertly placed, a rug adds warmth and color to a space. It’s also a nice and cozy place to step on when you get up from wherever you’re sitting. Placing a rug in certain areas of your outdoor space will give the space a designer look. Some spots where an outdoor rug is a good idea include:
  • To create a large seating area
  • Under a dining table and chairs
  • As an oversized doormat
  • To add color in a small space
  • In an outdoor hallway


Most outdoor rugs are made out of a material that is specifically designed for use outdoors. Natural materials like hemp, jute or seagrass are durable and great for outdoor areas. Plastic options come in a variety of colors and are easy to wipe off.


Outdoor rugs come in many different sizes. Choose something too small and it might end up making your furniture look awkwardly large. As a general rule for dining tables, choose a rug that will allow you to pull out the chairs without bunching up the rug. About 2-3 feet overhang on either side is sufficient. For conversation areas, the rug should be large enough so at least the front feet of the furniture pieces fit on the rug. Looking for more information or ready to shop for patio furniture? Come check us out at one of Paddy O’ Furniture's four Arizona locations or shop online for high-quality outdoor furniture.
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