beige sectional couch with blue pillows and wood top firepit

Firepit Seating Ideas | Designer Tips

A firepit is a cozy addition to any outdoor space, but only with the proper seating. Choosing options to go around your firepit is just as essential as the pit itself. So, let the firepit inspire you when decorating your patio. Consider these seating ideas and designer tips to get you started.

Match the Shapes

The shape of the firepit is a good jumping-off point. If you match that shape with your seating, you create a sense of equilibrium and symmetry. You’ll find firepits that are square, rectangular, or circular. You can match that shape with a comfortable sectional. This is a particularly good choice when you want ample seating. For example, you can piece two curved sectionals around a round firepit, connecting them together with unique outdoor tables. blue couch surrounding circular firepit If that sounds like a little much, then cut back to one circular sectional and add a double glider on the other side to break it up. The same concept works with a square or rectangular firepit. Go for the L-shaped sectional or buy different individual pieces that fit together to create the perfect seating arrangement.

Make It Swivel

If you want individualized seating for your outdoor patio chairs, then club swivel gliders work well. They provide resort-style comfort and allow you to turnabout and enjoy more than just the fire. Guests can turn toward others during conversations, or directly reach for a drink that is sitting on a well-placed table. Swivel chairs come in different sizes and shapes, too. Mix and match similar colors to get a stylish seating option that everyone will love.

The Outdoor Living Room

Some of the most extraordinary living spaces are outside, and designating your area this way will inspire you to make the most of it. It's also a wonderful place to meet with friends and family to converse, celebrate and make memories. tan patio sofas with firepit dining table Place a loveseat and sofa around the firepit the same way you would around a coffee table or fireplace. Add some end tables, lamps and throw pillows to give it that homey look. Accessories will enhance that living room feel.

Create an Outdoor Dining Area

No hard and fast rule says what kind of chairs you must get or how you must arrange them. When you set up your outdoor space as a place to dine, you will find yourself using it all year round. Put an outdoor table next to the firepit and you now have the perfect dining space for cool nights. The fire will add warmth and ambiance as you, your family and friends enjoy an intimate dinner in the open air. Add some overflow seating to accommodate someone who simply wants to sit around the fire. You can use ottomans or floor cushions that are functional and easy to store. You can use ottomans with firmer, flatter surfaces for extra table space if you need a place to put the salad or mashed potatoes. Remember, our Bliss Cushions are easy to clean if a spill should happen.

Sometimes Simple is Best

You don’t have to get fancy when designing the seating around your firepit. There is nothing wrong with a few simple, comfortable club chairs that allow you and guests to sit and talk around the fire. Mix and match them with different styles or colors to give your outdoor space a rustic theme. Or match the style and color throughout the area to create balance. Select what kind of chairs you like and personalize your space. If you decide to go with simple outdoor patio chairs, then consider getting a more stylish firepit to add some flair to the seating arrangement. Cobblestone, for example, can withstand the harshest weather challenges and will definitely pop in the middle of some less-than-flashy chair choices. But, of course, a distinctive-looking firepit is a great conversation piece, too.

Designer Tips to Make the Most of Your Firepit Seating

The kind of furniture you choose helps your space stand out, but what you do with your space is even more important.

Create Conversation Zones

Group your seating choices so that people can actively engage in multiple conversations. You want to accommodate the person who is looking to sit and stay put throughout the evening as well as the one who wants to mingle and move from zone to zone.

Give The Space a Comfy Look

The firepit creates a feeling of warmth and comfort. You can build on that feeling by adding any variety of features that appeal to you. Start by enhancing the space with a few well-placed decorative accessories. Throw pillows, for example, add dimension to the look and can tie in different colors. two beige patio sofas next to a firepit Add some personal touches, too, like floral arrangements, planters, and even wall art if you have a place to hang it. If not, how about a trellis behind one side of the seating? It will allow you to hang art or vines for a homey look, and another opportunity for color.

Pick Your Focal Point

If you put the firepit in the center of the seating arrangement, that’s the focal point. There are other choices, though. You could place a rectangle firepit to one side and use the seating center for something else. You get the warmth that comes with a firepit, and more freedom to design your outdoor space. Add a functional table in the center. You can use it for drinks, decor or as a game table the whole family will love. Put down an outdoor rug for additional color and comfort.

Choose a Dining Firepit

The name says it all. You place a dining firepit in the middle of chairs and enjoy a meal around the flame. The firepit itself is smaller and surrounded by a base wide enough to hold glasses and place settings. You also have a variety of colorful choices when it comes to selecting firepit glass. Choose the glass that will generate the ambiance you want to create. firepit dining table with napkin place settings and patio chairs A firepit is a functional addition to any patio and a clever design element, especially when you build your seating area to complement it. You’ll find everything you need at Paddy O’ Furniture to create a patio you can't help but love. Bring your area dimensions to one of our design experts and let them help you plan your patio makeover.
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