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Durable Dekton | Problem-Free Tabletops for Your Patio Bliss

If you’re searching for the perfect outdoor material that looks stunning and will last for years, look no further than Dekton. At Paddy O’ Furniture, we make it a point to find the best patio material customers can buy. We are excited to introduce Dekton as our newest tabletop and firepit top option that is attractive and easy to maintain. With three appealing finishes, you’ll be able to get the look you desire and the durability that no other material can offer.

What Is Dekton?

Dekton is a material made with Sinterized Particle Technology, a one-of-a-kind creation technique that creates a unique and lovely tabletop that will not stain and resists heat, fading, discoloration, scratches, and abrasion. The raw materials are mixed under tremendous pressure and heat during the process, similar to the conditions that create a diamond. The result is a nonporous tabletop that’s nearly indestructible and simple to keep clean.

Paddy O’ Offers Three Stylish Finishes

Firepit Dekton Trilium tabeltop Dekton Trilium is a popular hue that looks like weathered steel with a mottled sanding pattern. With its matte surface, Trilium looks fantastic in both industrial and rustic designs. Dekton Orix Firepit tabletop Dekton Orix looks like a weathered cement with an industrial appearance. The color scheme is based on diverse colors of gray, blue and green and represents a contrast between new and old. Orix is certain to stand the test of time on your tables or firepit. Dekton Laurent Firepit tabletop The striking color of Dektron Laurent is inspired by the natural stone Port Laurent and features a dark brown base crisscrossed with gold veins. The rich hues are a perfect complement to your outdoor areas, offering an easy-to-clean surface that is built to withstand the rigors of outdoor life.

Worry-Free and Durable

Tabletops with the Dekton surface are incredibly long-lasting and worry-free. Few materials have the same level of durability and the low maintenance that you’ll get with Dekton. Other materials, such as marble or granite, can stain and require sealing, but Dekton is hard to stain and highly resistant to breaking. Not many tabletop materials can claim to be fire-resistant. The majority of them are simply heat-resistant. Dekton does not alter in any way when it comes into direct contact with a flame. It will not scorch because it can withstand the hottest temperatures, which makes Dekton the ideal top for a firepit Even in the coldest or hottest temperatures, Dekton tables will not break or fracture. They’re also UV resistant, which ensures their colors won’t fade or degrade – even when exposed to intense sunlight, day after day.

The Ideal Outdoor Tabletop Material: Dekton

Dekton is particularly resistant to ice and thawing, which is essential for people who live in colder climates. Dekton’s low thermal conductivity permits it to withstand extreme temperatures, both cold and hot. As a result, it resists cracking and other forms of damage. The three Dekton surfaces are available for any size of table sold by Paddy O’ Furniture, and your Dekton purchase comes with a 15-year warranty. Dekton tops can also be added to previously purchased Newport or Rockport tabletops for customers who would like to purchase an upgrade.

Get Dekton and Discover the Paddy O’ Furniture Difference

Our furniture collections are exclusively available in our showrooms and on our website, and each piece is designed and developed by our professionals with you in mind. We provide the highest quality at a reasonable price and back it up with the best warranties in the market. Our dedicated customer support team is here to ensure that you always get top-notch service. For the best Dekton furniture, visit a Paddy O' Furniture showroom near you or shop online today. We’re here to assist you in choosing furniture that adds to your home’s aesthetic and your personal style. We want to make your patio, backyard, deck or poolside the favorite place to be for you and your guests. We offer every customer a free design consultation, whether it's via the phone, in one of our showrooms, or in-person at your home. Discover and enjoy the Paddy O' Furniture Difference.
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