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Create the Perfect Outdoor Office While Working From Home

Working from home can sound like such an amazing concept at first. Not only can you wear whatever you want, but you have more control over how you spend your time. If you decide to do a load of laundry when you're stuck on a project, there's no one around to stop you. You get a mental break while your clothes get washed. It's productivity at its finest! Of course, that's the theory behind working from home. The reality can be quite a bit different. After all, there are solid reasons why not every employer is on board with this. It can be difficult to concentrate at best and debilitatingly lonely at worst. Part of what it means to be working from home is to get into a routine that will keep you on track. Having this in place will trigger your brain to work, even when you'd much rather go back to sleep. Having an outdoor office can be a great way to accomplish this if you're struggling. And since you already have the technology to do it, we'll tell you how to do it.

Benefits of Working Outside

There are so many convenient things about working inside. Not only do you not avoid that pesky gnat who won't leave you alone, but you can also stay out of all those damaging UV rays. But consider what that convenience is really costing you. Of course it's comfortable to stay inside, but that doesn't make it better for you. The less time you spend outside, the more likely you are to develop conditions like anxiety and depression. Your brain starts to become lethargic, and you're liable to lose your focus and creativity pretty quickly. You may not need to be creative at work, but you do need to be on the ball. Plus, going outside can help to strengthen your immune system, something we could all use on a regular basis.

Step One: Take Care of the Practical

Anyone can work from home if they take the time to set up some basic amenities. If your laptop battery runs for 8 hours without any hiccups, then you don't really need any advice on where to set up — it can literally be anywhere. The roof, the balcony, a covered awning, your patio: it's all just a disguise for your new office. But if you need your printer or fax machine, you're going to need to find a place outside where you can be close to an electrical outlet. It may not be the most aesthetically appealing office, but you can probably use an extension cord and some willpower to get everything set up on a table outside. Make sure you have enough room to spread out any files you need and gather enough paperweights to make sure they don't blow away. Consider a portable file cabinet to store the most important documents. You may also need lighting or a space heater if you're planning to work after the sun goes down. Some people will even go so far as to put a minifridge or coffeemaker outside. If you're serious about using an outdoor office, you really need to commit to it to work.

Step Two: Stay Out of the Sun

Ideally, you'll be under the shade and total protection of a gorgeous weeping willow that will shelter you from the storm. But there probably aren't too many of those that are also near a wi-fi connection, so you'll have to make do. Even people who love the sun will find that their eyes are no match for its glare on a screen. If you're a little light on covered spaces though, there's need to worry. A tilt umbrella can be set up and adjusted as the sun moves, so you don't have to squint for hours on end. And even if you are staying out of the sun, consider a sun blocker to avoid potential skin damage.

Step Three: Find the Right Furniture

Your furniture has a lot to do with how you work. Drag out a slotted coffee table from the living room and you'll end up chasing your pen for half the day. Use the wrong chair, and you'll end up stretching every hour to prevent back pain. The furniture question can be a bit of a conundrum for people, especially if you're big into separating work from home. Do you really want to serve a romantic meal on your patio table when you associate that same table with the last time your boss yelled at you? If you can't make the separation, you may want to have two sets. That doesn't mean buying two sets though. You can set up a small space in a side yard with lightweight indoor furniture that you easily maneuver in and out while keeping your larger patio furniture where it is. Or cordon off a small space on your patio away from the main event that can be used to create a little distance from work and play. If you feel you can keep the two functions at their respective sides of the proverbial ring, you should really invest in the best quality furniture available. You'll need something that's both durable and practical to keep you in business. Considering you'll use it on a regular basis, it's probably a good time to splash out a little. You should also opt for a seat that will give you some padding without causing you to melt into the cushions for a mid-day nap. The right office chair will depend on everything from your personal preferences to your posture. If you find yourself constantly slouching down day after day, it may be time to go for a chair with full lumbar support. Or convert your table into a standing desk by adding some height with various objects from the home (e.g., cardboard boxes, etc.) and resting your laptop or keyboard on top. These desks have been hailed as great ways to reduce obesity and regulate your vitals.

Paddy O' Furniture's Promise

Our company was founded on providing versatile furniture that can do more than just hold up under the sun and wind. With excellent warranties and high-grade materials, we're here to keep the workers of the world comfortable. You're the heart and soul of our economy, whether you're operating from an office or the comforts of your own home. If you have the option, we encourage you to go outdoors for a little fresh air. It can do wonders for both your personal and professional life.
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