Backyard Oasis

Create the Backyard Oasis of Your Dreams

Close your eyes and picture walking out onto your patio and curling up in a comfy chair to watch the sunrise and drink your coffee. Picture a fire pit out on the lawn surrounded by plush seating signifying the fun that was had the night before. The serenity of a lounge chair next to a glistening pool awaiting an afternoon in the sun. What do you picture when you think of the backyard oasis of your dreams?

We’re here to inspire you to create an outdoor space that you’ve only dreamed of or seen in a magazine. Here are some thought-starters to bring your vision to life.

Patio Dining

Serving dinner al fresco style is a fun way to switch up your dinner plans and enjoy the weather. The key to making this part of your oasis is to make sure it’s a space that you want to use. Do you prefer informal bar seating? Swivel chairs are a great practical option for those who want easy and comfortable dining seating. Do you need extra freestanding dining chairs on hand for when you have friends over? Answering some of these lifestyle questions will help you create the dining area that’s right for you.

Fire Pits

For those who love to entertain, a fire pit creates a fun gathering space. When the weather is cold, it doesn’t mean you have to stay inside. Light a wood-burning or gas fire for some warmth and mood lighting. Arrange seating or plush cushions around the fire pit with some warm blankets to invite guests to sit around the fire. If this sounds like your kind of oasis, check out our selection of fire pits.

Plush Seating

Loveseats and sofas with plush cushions can fill a large area and create a comfortable outdoor living space. Perfect for pre-dinner talks, enjoying drinks and snacks, watching the kids play in the yard, or simply sitting and talking with your loved ones. Everyone needs comfortable seating in their backyard oasis!

Lounging & Poolside

Soaking up the sun on a comfortable chaise lounge before you take a dip in the pool. Serenity is calling and there’s a cuddle chaisewith your name on it. A backyard oasis should beckon you to spend time outside, and a lounge area by the pool does just that. Take advantage of warm weather and get comfortable with a good book.

Create the backyard oasis of your dreams with furniture and accessories from Paddy O' Furniture. We offer a wide selection of high-quality furniture and accessories. Plus, we’ll ship it right to your door! Shop online and get ready to cozy up.

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